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The United States spends a lot more than China in Latin America. China’s investments peaked in 2016 at US $ 16 billion but has declined for three consecutive years.

The United States has invested heavily in the manufacturing sector, particularly in the transportation and chemical processing sectors. While most China’s investment in the region has gone into raw materials, FDI is pouring into the manufacturing and service sectors.

Since 2005, the China Development Bank and the China Export-Import Bank have loaned over $ 137 billion Latin American and Caribbean countries and public enterprises. Venezuela received the most, with 17 loans totaling $ 62 billion ($ 55 billion for energy projects). Brazil is the second largest recipient with US $ 29 billion in loans (US $ 26 billion in energy).

In 2019, Mexico overtook China and Canada to become America’s largest trading partner, which accounted for US $ 577 billion in total trade in 2018. China exports far more to Mexico than it imports, including manufacturing parts that end up in the United States. had overtaken the United States in total trade.


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