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We are now nearing the 14th anniversary of that so-called black day in Red Sox history when Mookie Betts was traded to the Dodgers, followed by all of the other fan favorites (eg, the rest of the Red Sox “Killer B “). far too.

Yet Boston-area sports writers and radio thinkers continue to stoke fan whines in articles such as Bill Burt’s recent “The Bogaerts Dilemma.”

Seriously? Like, we’re supposed to care if a local professional sports player only makes $ 20 million a year and, God forbid, can go and make $ 36 million a year somewhere else?

When will fans realize that they are being played like fools by both the players and the owners of the team?

Players go where they can for the most money they can get, and owners trade players to maximize the money they can put in their own pockets.

And who foots the bill for the predatory appetites of professional athletes and team owners? The fans.

These are fans who shell out huge sums of money each month for cable sports channels to watch on TV what was previously free to watch on TV, and fans who have to take out home equity loans or sell all of their personal property for the sake of it. be able to afford to take their kids (and their children’s friends) to an MLB / NFL / NBA / NHL game.

So it’s time to stop whining about players leaving teams for more money, or teams trading fan favorites so GM’s CEO is putting more money in owners’ pockets, and thus earns a bigger bonus for himself.

This is life in the “free market” world of professional sport. Instead of rooting for the laundry and whining when fan favorite players walk or are traded, cheer on the team where your fan favorite lands.

If you’re upset the Patriots let Tom Brady walk, cheer on Tampa Bay.

If you’re mad that the Sox traded Betts to the Dodgers, well, cheer on the Dodgers.

But please stop whining.

Bob pokress

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