Playable Sculptures Bring Music to Muskegon Area Parks


MUSKEGON, MI – A new project hosted by the West Michigan Symphony and Muskegon Rotary is bringing music to area parks.

More than 30 sculptures, playable as musical instruments, have been installed in Muskegon and Muskegon Heights parks, following a two-year fundraiser led by the two organizations, according to a press release.

Scattered throughout residential and downtown Muskegon, the “Harmony Park” project offers children the chance to engage with music outdoors, safely in an era of social distancing.

The instruments are permanently installed in the Rotary Park, next to the Hartshorn Marina; Heritage Landing, 1050 7th St .; the Olthoff stage, on Third Street opposite the Frauenthal Center; the Farmers’ Market Pocket Park, 242 W Western Ave .; a pocket park at Seventh & Shoreline Street; Parc Saint-Joseph, 314, rue Monroe; McLaughlin Park, on Terrace Street between Isabella and Catherine avenues; and Johnny O. Harris Park, at East Broadway Avenue and Jarman Street.

Some instruments look like xylophones. Others are more abstract. All of them can be safely touched, tapped and played by all ages.

The instruments were paid for with $ 100,000 in private donations and installed by the town of Muskegon.

“Music is a global language that creates community bonds and a sense of belonging,” said Susan Cloutier-Crain, WMS board member who oversaw the project, in the press release. “These are exactly the things Muskegon strives to promote, especially in its downtown area.”

A ribbon cutting will celebrate The Harmony Park Project on Saturday, October 10 at Johnny O. Harris Park in Muskegon Heights and Rotary Park in Muskegon.

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