The end of oxygen explained

The only person in the movie who seems to have Liz’s best interest in mind is the mysterious woman on the phone she initially contacts when she tries to reach her husband, Leo (Malik Zidi). The woman on the phone gives Liz all the information she needs, before some sort of police force storms into her house and apprehends her. As Liz learns more about memory transplantation, we realize that the old woman Liz spoke to is the real Liz – the one whose genetic material was used to create the clone we followed all the way through. length of the film.

The fate of Real-Liz remains uncertain. It appears the government is prepared to take extreme measures to ensure that Earth’s fate does not flow, so it is very possible that she was imprisoned or killed. The reveal that we’ve been watching a clone all this time is intriguing. Clone-Liz even refers to this fact, explaining how she is disposable, and after all, there are still hundreds of clones left whose pods were not damaged by the crash. She could die, and nothing would really change in terms of the future of humanity.

For a while, Clone-Liz seems to come to terms with her fate, but she has the genetic material of a brilliant woman, so she casts one final Hail Mary to save herself by diverting oxygen from the pods of the lost clones to her own. . At the last second, the bet turns out to be a success, allowing her to recover from hyper-sleep with a smile on her face, knowing that she did it, and that she will have the chance to see. her husband (at least the clone- version of him) again.

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