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She has always been an amazing manager, but in the last year of the pandemic she has faced many new challenges, changes and headaches. Carlee’s passion is to save animals and help them find a forever home where they will be safe, healthy and loved.

Over the past year, our shelter has been able to reach shelters in other areas that are overcrowded, understaffed and in need of funding. Cats and dogs that needed to be euthanized got a second chance by making the life-saving journey from a death shelter to the Beatrice Animal Shelter.

One of those cats that is the main character in a miracle story is little “Samara”. Fiddes, the manager of the refuge, tells the best story… and I will share it with you.

“Samara arrived at the shelter as a transfer from a crowded shelter that was swamped with cats and kittens. She had taken three orphan kittens, and even though she had no milk, she cleaned the babies, cuddled them and kept them warm. She even let them suckle her as if they were her own. His attention and care for the kittens saved their lives.

Shortly after, the shelter staff noticed that something was wrong with Samara’s breathing and she was taken to our vet. Tests showed Samara had a hole in her diaphragm allowing her intestines to move up into her lung space, making it almost impossible to breathe. There’s no way to know for sure how long she’s been like this – maybe her whole life – but battling suffocation every day isn’t a way of life.

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