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I believe in the current age of very precise science firing squad is an outdated method of execution because there are too many variables and too few controls. How much will the criminal suffer and for how long? How many balls should I use and where should they hit?

Michael Conklin best stated in The Seattle University Law Review: “Throwing projectiles at an inmate with the hope of causing heart failure, asphyxiation or some other condition that will result in death is far from a science. exact. “

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If reading about such horrific violence makes you sick, then imagine that you are the person shooting one of the guns. Or the person who receives the bullets.

Edward C. Halperin, MDMA, chancellor and executive director of New York Medical College, wrote in The Hill: “The death penalty is being phased out from most civilized countries because it does not deter crime and is applied unfairly. It is the sad and unenviable legacy of John C. Calhoun and South Carolina to continue the state’s assault on human life by defending a death penalty that disproportionately weighs on people of color and adding firing squads to its execution tools. “

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The South Carolina ACLU agreed with Halpern, noting on its website, “South Carolina’s death penalty is racist, arbitrary, and error-prone.”

I’m not sure what the best method is to punish and deter South Carolina’s worst criminals, but riddling them with bullets is not the answer.

Jordan Barkin is a columnist published by USA Today, McClatchy, Gannett, Hearst and other media. He is a former associate editor of Hearst Magazines.

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