Green River City Council Considering Purchase of New Euthanasia Equipment


GREEN RIVER – Green River City Council will consider approving the purchase of new euthanasia equipment for the Green River Animal Shelter to perform necessary animal euthanasia in a more humane manner.

Green River City Council will meet at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 18 at Green River Town Hall. During their meeting, they will consider approving the purchase of new euthanasia equipment. If the purchase is approved, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) will offer $ 5,000 towards the purchase, as long as the City commits to dismantle the current carbon monoxide euthanasia equipment and cease its use. .

The animal shelter accommodates around 900 animals per year, the vast majority of which are returned to their owner or adopted, according to meeting dossier documents. However, about 10 percent of animals are either vicious, sick, or otherwise unable to adopt, requiring them to be euthanized.

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“This is a very low percentage for a municipal shelter and would classify our facility as a shelter without destruction by most recognized measures,” the document said.

Currently, euthanasia is either by injection or by the use of carbon monoxide in a manner that conforms to current guidelines established by the American Veterinary Medical Association.

We are currently unable to use injections to euthanize all the time as we do not have the necessary equipment to safely handle vicious animals during this process. Handling animals while administering an injection involves multiple risks for personnel; including injury and infection from a bite or scratch, injuries from lifting large moving animals and stress from both the fear of dealing with a vicious animal, as well as the emotional difficulty of dealing with a vicious animal. having to euthanize a nearby animal during its passage, mentioned.

Purchasing the necessary equipment would alleviate some of the physical risks associated with better containment of animals likely to bite or scratch and provide a system for lifting heavier animals. The necessary equipment would cost around $ 6,000.

The HSUS has offered the City of Green River a grant of $ 5,000 to purchase the necessary equipment if the city is willing to dismantle the existing carbon monoxide euthanasia equipment and stop using it. as a method of euthanasia.

This means that the cost to the City of the new equipment would be approximately $ 1,000.

To view the full meeting agenda, Click here.


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