The End of Oxygen Explained: The Truth About Liz, The Clones & The Wolf 10-16

No wonder the new Netflix Original Oxygen is a futuristic take on the situation our world faces right now. The title says everything is fine, but there is deep exploration inside the plot that this movie takes place on. Even being placed in one spot throughout the film. The movie is enough to give us goosebumps with the thought process of lead character Elizabeth Hanson. Directed by Alexandre Aja and written by Christie LeBlanc, the film stars Mélanie Laurent, Mathieu Amalric and Malik Zidi in the lead. It follows a woman waking up with no identity or history of herself inside a cryo-pod. Only with an AI by her side, she tries to break free from death with only a little oxygen.

Oxygen throughout its run has undergone a number of intricate revelations and intrigue. Some of them that can leave you perplexed and questioning, as was the case with the character of Liz. So here we are examining a number of questions that may require answers. Where the movie takes place, what happened to Earth, the government’s plans, who exactly is Liz, the clone theory, and what that means for the future of humanity. Does everyone survive or not? So let’s start by taking a look at the plot of Oxygen.

Oxygen trace summary

Oxygen follows the story of a woman trapped in a cryogenic chamber with no memory of her past, who she is and what she is doing here. Until an AI named Milo appears to aid him in his identity as Dr. Elizabeth Hansen. But does not give him full control due to lack of administration codes required to operate the system. The film sees her struggle to understand her story in order to get out of the capsule.


Elizabeth uses articles and reference material available through AI. Apart from that, she also constantly receives flashbacks from her past life that help her little. But also leaves her in more questions. There comes a time when she even manages to make contact with the outside world. From cops to a woman who really wants to help him but only to be struck by a darker truth about her existence. The cops tell Elizabeth that her husband does not exist although she has memories of him. As an older woman reveals to Liz that she is not in the hospital or even on earth. There are twists and turns and as good as the reality and lurks behind them that Elizabeth needs to figure out before her oxygen runs out.

The end of oxygen explained


So the first person Liz has gone to is to try on her husband Leo and call the cops like we said above. But the point is, the cops are just trying to keep Liz from knowing the truth. They hope her oxygen might be gone and that she doesn’t reveal the truth to the wider world. She can clearly hear them talking about telling her that she is imagining things. An older woman on call revealed the whole mess to Liz. She ran into her while trying to contact her husband Leo, whom she has flashbacks to with an experiment on rats they were running.

What happened to the oxygen?

From Oxygen with Mélanie Laurent as Elizabeth Hansen

The same woman also tells him that she is in fact in space. Moreover, she is not alone as there are 10,000 other damaged pods with people inside. The reason she woke up in the middle of it was because the space shuttle crashed with a meteor. While some of the other 10,000 humans floated in space, while some survived. Returning to the call, the woman also gave Liz the much needed administrative codes. But, she also warns him not to open the capsule as this could result in his immediate death.

What happened to the Earth?

A while later, the older woman calls back, remembering what happened. So, according to her, the Earth is suffering from a virus that has killed a million people. Even Liz’s husband, Leo, died from it. So the prediction is that the human race could die from the virus within the next two generations. To prevent the end of civilization, she devised the plan to colonize a planet orbiting “Wolf 10-61”. A planet 14 light years from Earth.

Who is Liz?

So, to get back to Liz, she has been sleeping for 12 years now, and her oxygen is constantly dropping, and to avoid her death, she has to repair the capsule. As soon as the woman is about to guide her, people invade the woman’s house to get her out. She tells Liz to remember Leo to survive. Hope lost, Liz decides to end her life by jumping off the pod until a flash of Leo arrives in the same pod.

Who exactly is Liz in oxygen?

From Oxygen with Mélanie Laurent as Elizabeth Hansen

Taking Milo’s help, Liz eventually discovers her husband in a similar capsule but with a missing scar. This brings her back to Elizabeth Hansen’s files. There, she sees Liz and her husband’s videos of the cloning experiment performed through the bodies of mice. Ultimately succeed. So, yes, the bodies transported into space are actually clones. Including Liz herself, Milo reveals that her body form is only 12 years old.

It is no wonder the government is keeping this reality out of the way. Furthermore, it also reveals that the woman she spoke to could not have been other than the real Liz. After all, she was the one who designed this whole program. Either way, secrets are meant to be secrets.

The end

So, now with a little explanation, Liz switches to redivertizing power and goes back to hypersleep. Milo helps Liz again by transporting her oxygen from the destroyed pods. The final moments see Liz and Leo embrace life in each other’s arms as they gaze out to sea. We can finally say that after all the mess and struggle she’s been through, Liz has made it through. to stay alive throughout the trip. So reaching Wolf 10-61c where humanity is living new life. Despite being a clone, after all, Liz is alive and gone for a fresh start. She happily accomplished her mission on earth. Humanity can live further away now.

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