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Labor MP Andrew Leigh has said the national trend has changed dramatically in favor of voluntary assisted dying and he is now calling on the federal government to repeal the ban on ACT and the Northern Territory from making laws on voluntary euthanasia. The two territories have not been able to determine their own laws on voluntary euthanasia since the federal Parliament in 1997 briefly overturned existing euthanasia laws in the Northern Territory. The Liberal MP who introduced the bill, Kevin Andrews, is leaving Parliament after losing the preselection and now three out of six states – Victoria, Western Australia and Tasmania – now have their own voluntary assisted dying laws and the parliaments of Queensland and South Australia will soon debate in the same way. laws. Federal ACT MP Fenner is expected to present a motion on Monday asking the Morrison government to restore land rights to determine its own assisted dying laws. “One of the main arguments put forward in favor of Bill Andrews was that it was okay to trample on land rights because no state had passed such laws,” Leigh said, in remarks. seen by the Canberra Times. “This argument was dubious then, but it is dead wrong now.” Territories do not advance in front of states – they are held back. “The family of Canberra man Nebojsa Pavkovic wanted more for him in his dying days. He died on his 61st birthday in 2016 in hospice care, unable to walk and speak after living for more than ‘a decade with Parkinson’s disease. Mr Pavkovic’s daughter, Katarina Knowles, says he was keenly aware inside a body that would no longer function. Ultimately, Mr Pavkovic communicated in shaking hands with all the family members, doctors and nurses. “He was really bedridden and that was just the worst,” Ms. Knowles said. “He was so cognitively present the whole time, and it was just hard because he wouldn’t be able to communicate so often people would take him for not being cognitively present and maybe simplifying things when he really was 100%. “In a move she describes as tough, but also the ‘most amazing thing anyone can do,’ Ms Knowles said her father had expressed intention to end his life. She said he “said it clearly and repeatedly to her and her mother. While in hospital, he refused to feed himself through a feeding tube – a process that took five weeks to complete.” The last day, right before he died, you know I said ‘happy birthday’ to her. Do you want any pain relievers again? She said. “He shook my hand and this is the last time that I will have pain. interacted with him. “Although the family had support, she said her father’s death could have been better.” If we had had a choice, a lot of things could have been a lot easier, “Ms. Knowles. “And also, you never know when you’re in hospice, you know, every day you don’t know if you should say I’ll see him tomorrow or not pa. rce that, you know, who knows what’s going to happen. I think the option would have certainly been appreciated and at least it would have made the ending a little less traumatic, I guess, that’s the key there. “READ MORE: Andrew Leigh says Ms. Knowles isn’t the only Canberran wanting options when it comes to end-of-life decisions.” Last Wednesday I held a telephone town hall, with hundreds of people from my electorate. As part of the event, we carried out a brief investigation into euthanasia and land rights, “the member of parliament will say.” More than four-fifths support voluntary assisted dying, and one An even higher proportion wants the territories to have the right to legislate on publishing. It is high time that we abandon the undemocratic ban of the ACT and the NT on legislating on euthanasia. “Qualifying the bill. Andrews of “anachronistic,” Mr. Leigh insists that restoring land rights is not about making them consider making laws relating to euthanasia, he says instead It is about allowing them to d ” consider such laws if they wish . Mr Leigh last attempted to repeal the territories’ ban on euthanasia legislation in 2018 with a private member’s bill co-sponsored with fellow Labor MP Luke Gosling. A spokesperson for the prosecutor -General Michaelia Cash says the government has no plans to change laws regarding voluntary euthanasia, but he recognizes that people have strong opinions about dying in the city. dignity and with minimal pain. Our journalists work hard to provide local and up-to-date information to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:



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