Protests as QLD euthanasia bill rolls out and PM shares pain

Labor and the LNP have pledged to give their MPs a vote of conscience.

Ms Palaszczuk said voluntary euthanasia was not a substitute for palliative care, but was about providing an additional end-of-life option, noting that her government had committed an additional $ 171 million for palliative care.

“For some Queenslanders with a life-threatening illness, palliative care is unable to effectively manage their pain, symptoms or suffering,” she said.

“For people whose suffering is intolerable and who wish to hasten their death, the only options currently available are to refuse medical treatment, to refuse food or hydration, palliative sedation or suicide.”

During the protest outside, MP Robbie Katter said he wanted people to understand the seriousness of passing voluntary laws on assisted dying.

“Most of the major violations of cultural norms that we’ve become used to, like taking someone’s life and giving an assisted suicide, the whole thing is to make it look like it’s not too much,” a- he declared.

Katter’s Australian Party MP Nick Dametto addresses protesters outside the Queensland Parliament, while KAP member Shane Knuth watches.Credit:Felicity Caldwell

“It’s just a slow, gradual step in another direction.”

Mr. Katter said he believed the laws would be passed.

“I will do anything to prevent this from happening, but the government is not embarrassing it in the end,” he said.


To be eligible, an adult must have been diagnosed with an advanced, progressive disease, illness or condition that will cause death within 12 months and cause intolerable suffering.

The person must be assessed by two doctors, make three separate requests, and they can change their mind at any time.

Health workers will be allowed to conscientiously object, but they must provide the person with information to help them access the program.

Entities, including private hospitals and elderly care facilities run by religious organizations, will have the right to choose not to provide voluntary assisted dying, but they must also not impede access to one person in the program.

The bill will be debated in September and, if passed, will enter into force on January 1, 2023.

Euthanasia laws have already been adopted Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia.

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