She’s a Big Old Flag

Mr. Editor:

June 14 is Flag Day, a day dedicated to commemorating the adoption of the American flag. On June 14, 1777, the Second Continental Congress adopted the flag resolution which read: “. . . [T]The flag of the thirteen United States is thirteen bands, alternating red and white, the union is thirteen stars, white in a blue field, representing a new constellation.

Although our flag has “changed” over the years, adding stars for states admitted into the union, the “stars and stripes” continue to symbolize our great nation and all it stands for: liberty, liberty. and equality.

We must respect and honor our flag. Many died defending him. Regardless of race, ethnicity, political affiliations, social and economic status, and / or religious beliefs, a significant number of Americans have shed their blood to protect “The Star-Spangled Banner”, our way of life and our endurance and endearing. values ​​as a self-determined group: Americans.

There are those who pompously claim that the First Amendment gives them the constitutional right to dishonor, desecrate, dishonor and disrespect our flag. And yet, as a nation, we have fought wars to protect this right.

On Flag Day, everyone should display “Old Glory” with pride, dignity and reverence. It’s time for Flag Day to be more than just a sales gimmick, just another bargain day at the local mall.

John di genio

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