The 10 scariest creatures in the shared universe

The loved one What we do in the shadows created a cinematic universe that includes the TV series spin-off as well as Wellington Paranormal, based on the Wellington Police Department seen in the original film. Through all of these works there has been a range of disturbing and monstrous creatures.

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A lot of them are portrayed quite comically, but there are also a lot of monsters that are actually quite terrifying if they were ever to appear in the real world. There is a lot more mythology to be drawn into the future of this franchise, although for now there are many types of characters that the scripts need to continue to explore.

ten Traditional vampires

Film what we do in the main shadow vampires

These series are built on the basis of the general imagery used for vampires in popular culture. The kind of beasts that can turn into bats can have some sort of mind control power and are unable to approach garlic or walk under bright sunlight.

While the tracks on these shows are pretty hilarious, their actions can be quite disturbing as well. They have a long list of murders under their belt and are largely unfriendly to their human victims, whose blood they take great pleasure in. No wonder Guillermo ends up betraying them!

9 Ancient vampires

Baron what we do in the shadows

Some of the most intriguing characters fans have seen in the film and TV adaptation of What we do in the shadows and the one that many would like to see in the third season is that of the ancient vampires. These leeches feel more like creatures than people now.

They have lived for an age and are far more powerful than a normal vampire. However, they are grotesque in their appearances and some like the Baron have high status. These types of vampires are known to scare even their own peers!

8 Energy vampires

Colin Robinson What we do behind the scenes

The third type of vampire that has been introduced is that of the energy vampire. They do not suck blood like the traditional type, but rather feed on negative energy. Exceptionally, Colin is one of the friendliest characters on the show despite his boredom. This is thanks to his abilities as an energy vampire.

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With enough negative energy, they can be nearly unstoppable, plunging their victims into depression and mustering so much power that once again, even traditional vampires fear them. It’s an evolution that Colin went through, even growing his hair back.

7 Ghosts

Both What we do in the shadows and Wellington Paranormal presented alternate versions of ghosts. They are souls trapped in the realms of mortals, stuck until they find a way to move on to the next life. Nadja’s ex, for example, was one of those souls left behind.

The franchise also saw a policeman who continued to patrol Wellington even after his death and an ’80s party king who just didn’t want the music to stop. These ghosts range from comical to quite terrifying because of the damage they can really do to the living.

6 Exotic plants

Wellington Paranormal saw some of the most bizarre creatures in this shared universe and for a few different episodes of the series, the police had to face off against alien invaders. These plant monsters were truly terrifying.

They could imitate humans, clone them with a corresponding appearance, and took with them a number of dangerous natural abilities. They multiplied rapidly and were perhaps the biggest threat the paranormal unit has faced so far.

5 Werewolves

There are a few differences between the shows and the original Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement film, but one consistency is the presence of werewolves. They reared their ugly heads in each of the three properties of this shared universe.

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There are a number of different types of werewolves that people have seen, but at the end of the day, they’re all incredibly dangerous. These creatures have no control over themselves once the full moon is over and the rivalry between them and the vampires is legendary.

4 Demons

Satan Wellington Paranormal in a Christmas scene

Demons have been represented in different forms. They were seen in What we do in the shadows as hellish beings seeking to seize the mortal realms and it was the same in Wellington Paranormal. TThe Paranormal Unit even had to fight against Satan.

Granted, the mall manager thought he hired Santa Claus for Christmas, not Satan, but the police still had to get him to resign. They also faced demons who had the ability to control the bodies of innocent victims and sought to sow hell on Earth.

3 Zombies

Zombie in What We Do In The Shadows With A Vampire

One of the best episodes of the American series saw the vampires turn to a wizard to try to revive their friend. The result was a zombification unlike anything seen before in the series. Wellington police have also had to deal with a zombie outbreak.

Mystical zombies were far more terrifying than traditional zombies, but in any case, there is something quite disturbing that someone’s life has completely changed thanks to this type of infection. Interestingly, when they weren’t looking for brains, zombies would go through their normal existence in an infected way.

2 Witches

Witches What We Do In The Shadows Capture The Vampires

Witches were a pretty surprising twist in What we do in the shadows but spells and magic have already been shown in the franchise. Wellington’s paranormal unit had previously had to fight schoolgirls who got their hands on an ancient book of curses.

The vampires living in New York were kidnapped by the witches thanks to a previous rivalry. The witches were unbalanced, cruel, and quite deadly in their methods. They could very well be the most vicious type of being in this universe.

1 Spirits

Doll What we do in the shadows Nadja

As mentioned, there have been ghosts in the series, but spirits are the souls of the dead, demons, and other entities that can inhabit the bodies of living or even inanimate objects. In What we do in the shadows, the main vampires bring back spirits from their past.

Nadja does not want to let go of this life and therefore puts her mind in a doll that she owned. It’s pretty scary in terms of imagery, and it’s likely that in Season 3, audiences will see more of this horrific toy, imbued with the spirit of the past.

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