Keralite on death row gets a new lease of life as NRI tycoon pays 1 crore rupees as blood money – The New Indian Express

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KOCHI: Keralite who awaited death in UAE for causing death of young boy was breathed new life as NRI tycoon MA Yusuff Ali reached out to pay compensation (blood cost) of Rs 1 crore (5 lakh dirhams) to the victim’s family.

Becks Krishnan, 45, from Puthenchira in Thrissur district, had languished in Al Wathba prison in Abu Dhabi for seven years when the UAE Supreme Court sentenced him to death in 2013.

Becks Krishnan was working for a private company in Abu Dhabi when he was involved in the incident. On September 7, 2012, he was driving to Musaffah for a work-related meeting when he lost control of the steering wheel and the car crashed into a group of children playing by the side of the road. A young Sudanese boy died in the crash and Abu Dhabi police have filed murder charges against him. Police collected CCTV footage as evidence and the court handed down the death sentence.

As all their efforts to save him failed, the family approached NRI businessman MA Yusuff Ali with the help of BJP leader Sethumadhavan. In the meantime, the victim’s family had returned to settle in Sudan, making mediation efforts impossible.

Yusuff Ali took in the family’s whereabouts in Sudan and flew to the African country, where he managed to convince the victim’s family to pardon Krishnan after lengthy talks. He brought the victim’s family to Abu Dhabi for interviews at one point. In January 2021, the victim’s family agreed to pardon Krishnan and Yusuff Ali paid compensation of 5 lakh dirhams. Krishnan is awaiting his release soon and will return to Kerala, a relative said.

Krishnan told Indian Embassy officials who visited him for sanctioning his pass that it was a rebirth for him and that he had lost hope of meeting his family. He said he was waiting to meet Yusuff Ali and express his gratitude to him for saving him from the stranglehold.

Yusuff Ali, who thanked the Almighty for saving Becks Krishnan, wished him peace and good luck.

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