Legends of Tomorrow recap and spoilers: S6, E6, “Bishop’s Gambit”

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 6, Episode 6, “Bishop’s Gambit,” which aired Sunday on The CW.

“Bishop’s Gambit” picks up right where “The Satanist’s Apprentice” left off, Sara Lance finding out that Bishop is a clone. She learns that he’s different from Ava’s clones as there will only be one at a time, with a backup ready to go in case something happens. Bishop explains that he can easily clone himself or any other organic being because science in his day made cloning a simple process. Sara is disgusted with his actions, knowing that he could use his skills to do good, but Bishop thinks he’s doing the right thing by restarting the human race. He then mocks Sara, stating that no one is coming to save her. However, at this point, Mick Rory and Kayla finally arrive on Bishop’s planet, ready to bring Sara back.

Meanwhile, back at Constantine’s house, the moving team proves overwhelming for the former master of the dark arts. An ever-hopeful Ava manages to connect Gideon to an old television, hoping to find clues to Sara’s location. Gideon discovers an alien massacre in a psychiatric ward in 1956, and while Ava is relieved to have a lead, Gideon reveals that the alien was called “Sara Lance”. The team reunites and discusses a plan, with Astra suggesting they bring the alien back to Constantine to question it. Ava accepts and the team mails to 1956 and is surprised to meet Amelia Earhart. However, Spooner cannot get an alien reading from her, which makes the situation odd. Either way, they take her back to Constantine’s house and dress the place up to look like an asylum to try and get answers without provoking her into a murderous rage.

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Behrad and Spooner team up to talk to him, Behrad taking the good cop approach and Spooner becoming the bad cop. However, they get no response, as Amelia is taking antipsychotic medication, which puts her state of mind out of balance. Spooner, wishing to speed up the process, secretly puts caffeine pills into Amelia’s tea, which ends up working as Amelia reveals that she left her ship in New York. Nate and Ava assume it’s a pod, so they go back to 1956, only to find the Waverider. Ava was hoping that Rory would come back with Sara, but after not getting an answer, she returns to Constantine’s house and questions Amelia, demanding to know where Sara is. This ends up waking the alien inside Amelia, but when she goes to attack Ava, she is stopped by Behrad and Spooner, who overpower her with tranquilizing darts.

With Amelia’s alien form awakened, the team needs a new plan to extract information from her. John suggests a spell that can extract memories that a person is trying to hide, even from themselves. However, John is helpless after the events of the last episode, so he tries to hide this secret by suggesting that Astra cast the spell under the guise of practicing his magic. They bring Amelia to the Waverider and tie her up, hoping to use the ship’s defenses as a precaution if something goes wrong. Astra prepares and casts the spell, seeing images of Amelia’s true memories. She discovers that while Amelia was traveling the world, she was kidnapped by the same ray that took Sara and, after escaping, took refuge on Bishop’s planet. Astra also discovers that Sara has met Amelia, but her memories are clouded, making it difficult to read them. Ava asks Astra to pass, but this unlocks the full alien form, which escapes from the straps and attacks Spooner, who yells at the alien in his own tongue. John begins to stress over what he did to Astra as Zari walks in and questions him, knowing something is going on.

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This course of events horrifies Spooner as she believes she has the potential to transform into a horrific alien like Amelia did. As Behrad does his best to comfort her, Spooner’s ability to understand and speak the alien’s language worries him, mainly because his powers have grown stronger and more refined since joining the Legends. . Behrad helps Spooner by letting him know that as a Legend, the past and the future are not important; what’s important is the present moment and what a Legend does about it. This helps Spooner, who uses his newfound ability to speak to the alien. She learns that Amelia killed Sara, or at least believes she did. Amelia then attacks Spooner and is about to kill her before Ava arrives with the save. That’s when Spooner lets Ava know that Sara is dead, which breaks her heart.

Back on Bishop’s home planet, Kayla discovers that her ship does not have a power cell. They then notice a soldier near Kayla’s ship, so Mick goes looking for answers. He is shocked to find out that the Soldier is an Ava clone and decides to be apprehended along with Kayla, seeing this as an advantage. Unfortunately for Kayla, Amelia Earhart steals the ship, leaving her with no back-up plan. Meanwhile, Sara finds a camera in her hospital room and covers it. But just as she does, Gary comes out of the toilet and lets her know he found the power cells. Sara tells him to get to the ship while she finds her own way out playing with Bishop’s game. She manages to get Bishop to lower his defenses by agreeing to help her, which leads him to invite her to dinner to celebrate. Outside, Kayla finds the batteries and tries to find a way to steal one. Suddenly her ex-fiancé Gary stumbles towards the cells, trying to sneak past a soldier Ava. Kayla uses this as an opportunity and shouts loudly that there is an intruder. Ava’s soldiers find Gary and take him away, leaving the power cells unattended.

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Bishop is then informed of Mick’s capture and is upset that someone has come to save her, believing that Sara has joined her side and no longer needs to be rescued. He decides to take care of Mick by lowering the barrier that protects humans from the planet’s atmosphere, hoping that this will kill Mick and any other intruders on the planet. Her assistant Ava protests that her clone sisters are also outside and would die if the barrier was lowered, but Bishop pushes her away, declaring that all Avas are replaceable. As the barrier begins to drop, the soldiers tie Mick to a tree and let him die. But a quick-witted Mick manages to get out and uses a breathing mask to save time. As Mick manages to escape, Gary walks into the facility with a soldier Ava. The Avas inside recognize him and believe he has killed again, but the soldier informs his sisters that he saved her. Gary then apologizes for eating D-Squad and tells them about his kind-hearted leader Ava. Back outside, Mick finds a dying Kayla on the floor with an electric battery, which is too heavy for him to carry alone. He gives Kayla his breathing mask and they share it, hoping to survive as long as it takes to get back to his ship. Upon arrival, however, they are bombarded by locals attempting to enter the ship. When the attacking fails, Mick and Kayla lock themselves into a pod to stay safe. This allows the duo to bond, and before long they connect.

Sara and Bishop start their dinner with champagne, happy to be on the same side. But Sara notices the storm outside, that’s when Bishop lets her know that Mick has come to save her but is most likely dead. Angry, Sara beats Bishop until he loses consciousness and drags him to a lab where she discovers his rescue body. Sara then denounces Bishop’s cloned lifestyle, believing wholeheartedly that every scar on her body, every death, every wound is a lesson in life. Bishop oddly mentions that he can’t see a single scar on his body, despite his many years as a vigilante and assassin. At this point, it becomes clear to the public that Sara Lance, the person they followed from her first step on the Queen’s Gambit until the moment she first met Bishop, is dead and that the one who is found in the lab is a clone.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow stars Caity Lotz, Dominic Purcell, Nick Zano, Tala Ashe, Matt Ryan, Olivia Swann, Jes Macallan, Adam Tsekhman, Shayan Sobhian, Lisseth Chavez and Raffi Barsoumian. Season 6 airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET / PT on The CW.

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