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The Bioethics Advisory Board (BAC) was established by the Cabinet to deal with ethical, legal and social issues arising from biomedical science research in Singapore.

It has 15 members from various backgrounds such as law, biomedical research, medicine, philosophy, sociology and education as well as representatives of religious groups and the media.

The committee focuses on three main areas: protecting the rights and well-being of individuals; public education and source of information on bioethical issues; and the identification of general principles to govern the ethical, legal and social implications of research in human biology.


december 2000

The BAC is established.

July 2002

Next, Deputy Prime Minister Tony Tan announces the government’s acceptance of the BAC’s recommendations on research and cloning of human stem cells.

july 2010

BAC organizes and hosts the 10th World Congress on Bioethics.

april 2012

BAC President Richard Magnus becomes the first Singaporean appointed to UNESCO’s International Bioethics Committee (IBC) for the 2012-2015 term.

November 2013

Singapore is elected member of the Intergovernmental Bioethics Committee (IGBC) of Unesco during the 37th session of the General Conference of Unesco for the period 2013-2017.

October 2017

Singapore is re-elected as a member of the IGBC for the 2018-2021 term and re-elected as rapporteur of the IGBC for the 2018-2019 term.

February 2020

Professor Lee Eng Hin, member of the BAC, is appointed member of the International Bioethics Committee for the 2020-2023 term. He succeeds Mr. Magnus as Singapore’s representative to Unesco.

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