X-Men: X-Corp Reveals They Are Potential New Board Members

At the height of the Hellfire Gala, the X-Corp is considering a number of candidates for the board of directors of the mutant company.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Tini Howard, Alberto Foche, Clayton Cowles of Sunny Gho, and VC’s X-Corp # 2, on sale now.

X-Corp is expected to be a major force for Krakoa in the near future, with the company bringing large companies to Krakoa. However, as they establish themselves in the world, they need to expand their board of directors to include more notable faces.

During the Hellfire gala, Angel and Penenance turned out to have met some of the top candidates for the job, and even gave one of the candidates a major role within the company.

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Sunspot X-Corp Hellfire Gala X-Men

Sunspot is one of the original New Mutants who has grown into one of the most tax-powerful mutants in the universe. Since Krakoa’s formation, he has gained more wealth living in Shi’Ar space, finding a way to improve relations between Krakoa and this intergalactic empire. It also turns out that Sunspot is a major investor in X-Corp and has given them a lot of the resources they use. Sunspot wants a seat on the board to reflect its contributions, promising to provide even more resources to the group. But it remains to be seen if that will earn him more power in the company.


Selene X-Men X-corp Hellfire Gala

Selene is one of the Externs, a near-immortal figure who has lived for thousands of years. She spent much of that time as an established enemy of the X-Men and their allies, but apparently made peace with them when she came to Krakoa – though her activities outside the island have been monstrous in itself. She presents herself as an authoritative voice to add to the board – someone with ideas that Monet finds interesting. However, Angel seems more uncomfortable with the prospect, which makes her less likely to win a position within the company’s leadership.

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The Time-Displaced Mutant Bishop is a longtime ally of the X-Men and has played a number of important roles in Krakoa. He was a member of the Marauders and is one of the great captains of Krakoa, making him one of the main military leaders of the mutant nation. As a result, he’s been stretched enough already, and it’s understandable that when X-Corp approached him about possibly joining the board, he politely declined. However, he had a candidate in mind to replace him.

thunder bird

X-Corp X-Men Thunderbird

Neal Shaara – aka Thunderbird – was a prominent member of the X-Treme X-Men. Though he’s been a rather underused figure in the mutant world, Thunderbird has been a steadfast ally of the X-Men over the years, earning him recommendations from Bishop and Sunspot. Due to its energy manipulation capabilities, it is necessary for an undisclosed plan by the business. In return, Thunderbird wants representation at the enterprise level. Turns out he’s even helped X-Corp before – meaning that even if he doesn’t end up on the board, it’s likely the group will continue to use his abilities.

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Gloria Muñoz was an X-Force member who was able to create localized gravity fields, allowing her to compress objects into smaller objects without losing their density. She was killed years ago and is one of many mutants resurrected in Krakoa – becoming a member of SWORD’s Six and offering another major step forward for mutant abilities. It appears that Monet and Angel considered her a possible candidate for the leadership of X-Corp, but the Wind Dancer report suggests that Risque had little interest in joining the organization and did not respond to their outreach.


X-Corp X-Men St. Scott Hellfire Gala

Sara St. John stands out from the rest of the potential candidates for business with X-Corp as she is the only person currently being considered for a position there. A genius inventor that both Angel and Monet have concerns about, Sara is at the Hellfire Gala as a guest when she has a reunion scheduled with the couple. However, his willingness to do business with the Fenris Twins soured the heads of X-Corp on St. John, who seems rather content to work with the disgraced Upstarts.


Mastermind is a former X-Men villain and master illusionist whose ability to control the perceptions of others has made him a serious threat in the past. However, since his resurrection in Krakoa, Mastermind has moved widely behind the scenes – working with Mister Sinister and even briefly defeating the Hellions on a mission to give Sinister his own private cloning lab. Ultimately, Mastermind actually impresses the pair throughout X-Corp # 2 and win one of the posts.

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X-Corp Hellfire Gala

X-Men: A Hellfire Villain Just Gained A VITAL Leadership Role

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