Fight breaks out over grizzly bear living near Wyoming Road

– The US Fish and Wildlife Service is asking people to avoid the Togwotee Pass area in Wyoming for the remainder of the month so it can “conduct targeted hazing operations on the 863 grizzly.” USA today reports that the bear, known to locals as “Felicia,” and her two cubs have taken up residence near a 55-mile freeway in Yellowstone and have been repeatedly approached by humans. “When this happens, bears can become aggressive and threaten human security,” says a press release. County 10 reports that the USFWS explains that it will use loud noises and projectiles like paintballs or bean bags – “directed at large areas of fatty tissue – to try to scare bears away. If that doesn’t work. , the remaining options will be to relocate the bears or euthanize them, although the USFWS says euthanasia would be a last resort.

He explains that “if people only stop in legal freeway exits and stay in vehicles, hazing would not be necessary.” But when people go out and approach bears, especially those with cubs, the potential they charge increases sharply, and once they do, a move or euthanasia is required. A petition goes back harshly on USFWS claims, stating that Felicia has not been aggressive or “sought out human food rewards,” but seems content to eat the clover by the side of the road. “When did it become unacceptable for bears to simply exist near the side of the road in a national forest?” ” he asks. He points out that the move is risky and that at least one of the bears is highly likely to fail. The petition has collected over 40,000 signatures. (Read more stories about grizzly bears.)

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