No concessions on Bosnian Croat rights as long as I’m president

ZAGREB, July 10, 2021 – Croatian President Zoran Milanović has declared that during his presidential term Croatia will no longer make any concessions when it comes to the rights of Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Milanović said in an interview, published on Saturday by the Bosnia and Herzegovina edition of the Večernji list ahead of his visit to several towns in Bosnia and Herzegovina mainly populated by local Croats, that during the recent adoption of the final communiqué of the meeting at the NATO summit, he insisted that the document should mention the Dayton peace accords which include guarantees for the respect of treating the Croats as one of the three constituent peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina and for s ‘ensure that this aspirant can continue on his way to the European Union.

“In terms of size, Croats are today the least numerous people in Bosnia and Herzegovina, however, this does not mean that Croats should be treated as a minority and they will never be reduced to an (ethnic) minority” , said Milanović. .

“It would be in everyone’s interest to ensure that the Dayton Accord is honored, and adherence to the agreement can help Bosnia and Herzegovina become a rule of law that can continue to travel to the EU . Croatia strongly supports these efforts and would like to see Bosnia and Herzegovina become part of the EU, “Milanović said in the interview, adding that it was important for the Croatian Prime Minister and foreign policy makers to join in. him in this hard position.

“As long as I am president Croatia will not make any concessions or stop halfway or join the strongest.”

Milanović recalled that the document adopted at the end of the NATO summit meeting also highlighted the need to change the electoral legislation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and explained that the changes should ensure political representativeness legitimate.

The right to elect your representative is a pillar of any democracy and such a case should also be in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I do not see who would oppose the right of the Croats to have their representatives, he clarified.

In this context, he reiterated his criticism of the current practice which has led to the situation that the Croats do not have their legitimate representative in the country’s three-member presidency.

He recalls that it is the constitutional obligation of the President of the Republic of Croatia to take care of the Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“It is unacceptable to have Bosnia and Herzegovina as an area of ​​implementation of the experience of someone particularly harmful to local Croats,” he stressed.

Milanović will travel to Vitez, Mostar, Ljubuški, Livno and Tomislavgrad on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

This is his first visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina in his capacity as Croatian Head of State.

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