Crying cat “for days” with broken pelvis has a new home

A cat who was nearly shot after crying after suffering from a fractured pelvis has been relocated.

Matilda, formerly Puss, was almost shot after her owner, Orrin Lloyd, failed to call a vet while she was in pain.

Lloyd, 31, was cleared after a trial for inflicting blunt trauma that caused the injury, but was convicted of causing unnecessary suffering.

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The Liverpool Magistrates’ Court heard vets consider slaughtering the cat because of the seriousness of the injuries, but after spending 15 days in an animal hospital she “is doing well”.

Prosecutor Kyra Badman said Lloyd’s mother visited his home after calling her to tell him she was injured.

Upon arrival, the cat “was crying, in pain and barely moving” and a veterinarian discovered “multiple pelvic fractures”.

The cat was also unable to stand on its hind legs and needed pain relief.

Ms Badman said there was a fracture where the pelvis attached to the cat’s spine and the cat’s pubic bone, adding that “the animal was clearly in pain” which was “prolonged by the disability. of the accused to provide appropriate care “.

An expert said it was likely the injury was caused between 48 and 72 hours before it was taken to the vet.

The cat suffered a fractured pelvis, which Lloyd was allowed to inflict

Ms Badman said: “The vet team were discussing euthanasia at one point, such was the severity of the injuries.”

Lloyd claimed he thought the animal was in heat rather than in pain.

The court heard that his mother had worried about a number of other animals he had owned in the past, including a mouse she said Lloyd threw down the stairs.

Lloyd, 31, has previously been convicted of criminal damages and assault and battery.

Nick Archer, defending, said that in general the cat had been “well cared for”, adding “in terms of general care there had been no negligence”.

He said: “He hadn’t eaten because of the injuries, but before that he was slightly overfed.

Lloyd, of Scarisbrick Avenue, Southport, was convicted of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal between April 20 and May 4 of last year.

Sentencing District Judge Duncan Birrell said: “It is not clear exactly how these injuries occurred, but it is your cat and was in your possession at the time of the incident.”

Lloyd has received a 12-month community ordinance and is to complete 30 required rehab activities and 80 hours of unpaid labor.

He has been banned from keeping an animal for 10 years and has to pay a fee of £ 500 and a victim fine surcharge of £ 95.

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