Southbury officials warn residents after coyote attacks

Authorities ask people to stay with their pets outside, especially at night

SOUTHBURY, Connecticut – Those with pets in Southbury will want to pay special attention following several attempted coyote attacks on Tuesday.

Southbury Animal Control said on their Facebook page that one of the attacks injured a dog. The dog was taken to a veterinarian for his injuries and given a rabies vaccination booster.

Animal Control requires all pet owners to immediately report any encounters with wild animals.

The dog has been placed in confinement for 45 days and will be monitored for symptoms of rabies. Authorities have said that if an attacked pet had not been vaccinated, the animal could be placed in a six-month quarantine, or even subject to mandatory euthanasia to mitigate a risk to public health and safety.

Southbury Animal Control has reported that the town has seen an increase in rabid wildlife over the past two years.

They ask all owners to ensure that all pets, both indoors and outdoors, are up to date with their rabies vaccinations and not to leave them unattended. Always stay with the animal outside, especially at night.

Some common symptoms of rabies can be unprovoked aggression, difficulty walking, and excessive salivation. If anyone or their pet has been in contact with wildlife, call Southbury Animal Control and follow up with a healthcare provider and / or veterinarian. For further questions or to report animal or animal contact, please call Southbury Animal Control at 203-262-0613.

Learn more about the coyote’s behavior and facts from the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) website. Learn more about rabies and its symptoms here.

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