Waiting for more “stranger things”? This underrated sci-fi series is worth a try

The wait for a new season of Stranger Things may seem like forever, but there’s another great sci-fi series to watch in the meantime!

While the fans wait Strange things Season 4, there is another sci-fi TV show that they might want to watch. It’s called Black orphan. While fans may have to wait until the next season of the Netflix series, Black orphan could be a nice frenzy watch in the meantime. The show was popular to some extent, although it never reached the level of Strange things.

However, Black orphan has a dedicated and passionate fan base. And that’s the one that really made Tatiana Maslany an actress who stars in an upcoming, relatively well-known Disney Plus MCU show. Maslany plays Sarah Manning, a young woman who witnesses a shocking event. Someone who looks exactly like his footsteps in front of a train and meets his destiny.

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Sarah first wants to leave town with her adopted brother Felix (Jordan Gavaris) and daughter Kira (Skyler Wexler), but decides to take over the woman’s life and pose as her. She assumes they’re both sisters, and since she was adopted by a woman named Siobhan Sadler (Maria Doyle Kennedy), that’s a possibility.

However, Sarah came across more than just a brother. In fact, it is a clone created as part of an illegal human cloning experiment. While posing as Beth, she meets another clone from Germany. Her name is Katja Obinger and she soon realizes that Sarah is not Beth. She poses a riddle to Sarah and is quickly withdrawn. Then Sarah gets a call from someone. The person on the other end of the phone turns out to be another clone, Cosima Niehaus.

She finally asks Sarah the same question as Katja and hangs up when Sarah is confused. However, not before she tells Sarah to get rid of Katja’s body and get her briefcase back because of the samples it contains. Sarah eventually meets Cosima and another clone, Alison Hendrix, at Alison’s.

It is then that Sarah discovers that she is a clone. Not only that, but she and the other clones are in danger. Someone is trying to get rid of it. That’s when Sarah decides to investigate what is going on. But in order to do that, she must continue to pretend to be Beth, at least for a while. So much Strange things fans can probably imagine, the hijinx of the clones in Black orphan is interesting. However, that’s not all the show has to recommend.

Black orphan also asks its audience intriguing questions about what it means to be human and the meaning of family. Is family just who you are biologically related to, or is it something deeper? Could it be a commitment based on unconditional love? The show asks these questions and more to its audience, but don’t worry, Strange thingthe fans ; it’s full of action too. Leda’s clones, played by Tatiana Maslany, must struggle to survive on a regular basis.

Other clones are finally introduced. Ari Millen portrayed the Castor clones, which were bred by the military and, unlike the Leda clones, knew they were clones from the start. The clones eventually find out who is after them. Well, several people are, actually. There are the people who created them, who observe them by placing “monitors” in their lives.

And then there are the Proletheans, a religious group convinced that the existence of clones is false. They even have a clone on their side. Her name is Helena, and she is convinced that she is the original, that all the other clones are from her. Black orphan is a bit like Strange things with its sci-fi antics and the main characters trying to cope with it. Yet it is also different enough to stand out from the Netflix series.

One way Black orphan stands out for its characters. Maslany is a brilliant actress and brings these different clones to life beautifully. The Leda clones also all have different personalities and well-written story arcs. Of course, since most of the main characters are female, the female characters definitely come to the fore. And some of the clones are members of the LGBTQ + community.

Including Cosima, who is part of a fan favorite relationship. The BBC America series also stands out for its stimulating storylines. Dealing with human cloning is certainly intense. Sure, Black orphan will not be a viable alternative to Strange things for every fan. Some might find it a bit too intense. Still, it’s a wonderful show that certainly deserves more love and appreciation.

So why not try, Strange things Fans? Black orphan might just be the perfect solution. The show is an incredible sci-fi adventure while being very grounded in reality. Definitely worth watching on Amazon Prime Video.

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