10 ways the Force Unleashed would have made a great movie

Disney’s 2012 takeover of Lucasfilm resulted in the unexpected cancellation of many Star wars properties as Disney sought to effectively reboot the universe with a highly controversial sequel trilogy. Among the canceled properties was the third game at Force unleashed, a multimedia project well received in the now Legends universe.

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Although there have never been any known plans to transform Force unleashed franchise in films, several moments of the two games could have been capitalized in the cinema. Particularly notable is Sam Witwer’s incumbent Galen Marek, who operates under the pseudonym “Starkiller,” who elevates the franchise to the grandeur generally expected of Star wars.

ten Fans reportedly witness Kashyyyk’s Imperial takeover

Young Galen holding lightsaber towards Darth Vader

The first game opens with the Imperial Conquest of Kashyyyk where Darth Vader searches for Kento Marek, a former Jedi who survived the Great Purge. As Vader confronts the former Jedi, he makes a fateful encounter with Marek’s son, Galen, facilitating the events of Force unleashed.

However, this opening sequence also gives fans a glimpse into the Empire’s hostile takeover of Chewbacca’s homeworld, something that has yet to be shown in theaters, canon, or Legends. Not even Solo: A Star Wars Story details this encounter, choosing instead to locate the famous Wookiee in a prison in the mining world of Mimban.

9 PROXY doesn’t have the ethical consideration most droids do

PROXY Talk to Galien

R2-D2 is everyone’s favorite OG astromech droid. C-3PO is the relentless negative Nancy. K-2SO is the anomaly of cynicism and sarcasm. Part of what makes the Star wars the universe is the colorful personality of the droids that can be encountered across the galaxy.

Force unleashed possesses the Imperial Holodroid PROXY, a robot that prides itself on trying to fulfill Vader’s primary directive to kill his human companion and friend, Galen. Able to wield lightsabers, the droid can also mimic the fighting styles and appearances of others like Obi-Wan Kenobi. That alone would have been a great excuse to bring old fan favorites back to the big screen.

8 The slowly evolving relationship between Starkiller and Juno Eclipse

Juno Eclipse holding Galen Marek

When Galen and Juno Eclipse first meet, their exchange is terse and cold. It wasn’t until after several Elder Jedi hunting missions that Juno began to familiarize himself with the enigmatic Starkiller, a sentiment gradually returned by the Sith assassin.

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What makes Galen and Juno’s brief relationship so poignant is its credibility. He can’t bear the burden of retconning that made The Empire Strikes Back‘s awkward kiss; it’s not controversial like Anakin’s unhealthy obsession with Padmé; and, it doesn’t come out of nowhere like the random kiss that Rey and Ben Solo share in The climb by Skywalker.

7 Rebel Alliance is Vader’s way to undermine Palpatine

Rebellion - Garm Bel Iblis, Rahm Kota and Mon Mothma

The alliance that eventually became the iconic rebellion that toppled the Empire in Return of the Jedi has been designed in several ways throughout Star wars media. Likewise, Force unleashed offers his own vision of the creation of the rebellion, formed indirectly by the hands of Darth Vader.

After his apparent “death” halfway through the first game, Starkiller awakens to further orders from his master to foster a rebellion among the enemies of the Empire. Although ultimately a ruse by Vader to attract hidden dissidents, the mission results in Galen crossing paths with many leaders who would end up leading the rebellion, including Mon Mothma, Garm Bel Iblis, and Bail Organa. .

6 Starkiller uses force to take down a star destroyer

Galen Marek shoot down a star destroyer

While recruiting more Senators for the Rebellion cause, Vader suggests that Starkiller launch an attack on Star Destroyer facilities at Raxus Prime. It is in this mission that players can witness one of the moments that made Force unleashed so iconic – Starkiller shoots a Star Destroyer from the sky using the Force.

Something that has always particularly marked Force unleashed were the unique and amazing ways the Force was used. While Disney tried to explore new ways to use the Force in its next trilogy with force projection in The Last Jedi and force healing in The Mandalorian, none of these moments can quite match Galen’s achievement on Raxus Prime.

5 An alternative version to the events of the original trilogy

Galen and Luke Skywalker Hoth Dark Ending

The two Force unleashed titles offer a player option at the end of the game, usually identified as “Light Side” or “Dark Side”. While the “Light Side” endings are considered the canonical roads, the “Dark Side” endings present the most intriguing story, so much so that they warranted multiple DLCs to explore how events would unfold in an alternate timeline.

Within that timeframe, players are offered teases about Starkiller’s abilities, especially when it comes to the original trilogy. In this continuity, Starkiller, as the Emperor’s assassin, intervenes directly in major events, such as the disappearance of Obi-Wan Kenobi and the fall of Luke Skywalker. Given how pervasive the story of the original trilogy is, it would have been exhilarating to see how these “what if” scenarios unfolded.

4 There is a glimpse of Kaminoan cloning under Imperial rule

Force Unleashed II brings players back to an underutilized location that is fundamentally an integral part of training the Star wars universe: Kamino. In the film, the planet only appears for a short time in the early parts of Attack of the Clones and is best known for the chase streak between Obi-Wan and Jango Fett.

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While The Mandalorian teased Kaminoan cloning tech in season 2 and The bad lot reveals what happened to the planet ocean after the Clone Wars, the continuity featured in Force unleashed fully realizes the power of Kaminoan cloning in the form of Starkiller clones, Force-wielding individuals like the Jedi and Sith.

3 Starkiller’s clone has a compelling arc in his search for identity

Rebellion - Garm Bel Iblis, Rahm Kota and Mon Mothma

After escaping from Kamino’s cloning facility in the early hours of Game 2, the Starkiller clone struggles to come to terms with his clone identity. He knows he has all the memories of the “real” Galen Marek and knows that Darth Vader will eventually betray him. With that in mind, the arc of the second game is about finding a goal.

Identity search is a strong and compelling story device that often facilitates some of the strongest stories (and entries into the Star wars universe). Similar to the Starkiller clone, Disney’s Bad lot follows the renegade Clone Force 99 as a result of Order 66. With the Empire born and no wars to fight, the Clones are driven from the Imperial ranks and must forge their own path.

2 History happens when Vader is at the height of his power

Darth Vader Rogue One Massacre in the Hallway

If there is one thing Star wars the universe could use more, that is to assist Darth Vader as much as possible. While Vader’s villainous status is easily cemented into cinematic history, the events of the original trilogy took place during the last days of his rule. Even his lightsaber duels with Obi-Wan and Luke only indicated what the Dark Lord was capable of.

One of the most popular aspects of the news Star wars media like Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Jedi: Fallen Order are the appearances of the Sith Lord. They’re brief, but they’re brutal, visceral, and terrifying. Force unleashed takes place at an optimal point in Vader’s timeline, able to showcase the raw power of the villain.

1 Galen Marek and Darth Vader claim two-rule of the Sith

Galen Marek kneeling in front of Darth Vader

Force unleashed emphasizes a particular aspect of the dark side that deepens Star wars tradition among the masses: the Rule of Two. In the Legends universe, Darth Bane (who has since been re-canonized) was the individual who issued this edict after his displeasure with the Dark Brotherhood.

The rules are simple: there can only be one master and apprentice. Eventually, the apprentice must fight his master to the death – the victor takes a new apprentice (if he hasn’t already) to repeat the process. By taking Galen as an apprentice, Darth Vader effectively initiates this process against his own master, thus respecting the Sith code.

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