5 Villains Who Belong To Ravencroft (And 5 Who Should Belong To The Raft)

Spider-Man is one of the greatest heroes in the Marvel Universe and a big reason is his villains. Spider-Man battles some of New York’s most dangerous villains, who are also some of Marvel’s most interesting foes. From whimsical villains of the Silver Age to the most realistic and brutal of modern times, Spider-Man’s enemies present difficult challenges for the hero.

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An interesting facet of Spider-Man’s enemies is that while many of them are just criminals, some of them have underlying psychological issues that motivate their crimes. While some of Spider-Man’s enemies belong to The Raft supervillain prison, others are more suited to the Ravencroft Asylum, where they can get help.

ten Belongs to Ravencroft: Doctor Octopus’ inferiority complex could be improved in therapy

Doctor Octopus

Doctor Octopus is one of Spider-Man’s oldest enemies. He has also proven to be one of the Wall-Crawler’s greatest enemies, even becoming a superior Spider-Man. However, the accident that tied Ock’s arms confused his mind and even before that he had big inferiority issues. These two factors combined make him someone who needs help.

Ravencroft could show Ock how to deal with issues with his arms, which sometimes have their own unique personality, and his inferiority complex. He’s proven to be a great hero in the past and could be a great hero again if he gets the right help.

9 Belongs in the Raft: Kingpin’s Crimes And Reach Demands Hard Jail To Hold Him

Kingpin has long been one of New York’s most dangerous criminals, ruling a criminal empire that spans the world. He has no qualms about doing all the terrible things he needs to do and has been a thorn in the side of many heroes. Unlike other Spider-Man foes, Kingpin has no real excuses for his actions other than a lust for power and should be put on the raft.

Kingpin has a wide reach and whenever he is put in a regular jail he easily breaks free. The Raft is a harder nut to crack and it’s exactly the kind of place a criminal of Kingpin’s caliber belongs, a tough prison that can hold him like no other.

8 Belongs to Ravencroft: the lizard must learn to manage his handicap in a healthy way

Dr. Curt Connors had a laudable goal. He wanted to merge human and reptile DNA, so that humans could regrow severed limbs. He experimented on himself, trying to grow his severed arm back, but it led to him becoming the Lizard, one of Spider-Man’s most terrifying villains. He never learned to manage his disability well, seeing it as a problem to be solved, something that therapy would help him with.

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Maybe if Connors had handled his disability better, he wouldn’t have tried to rush things and failed to achieve his goal. A stay at Ravencroft might teach him how to deal with this and allow him to accept himself, perhaps even becoming a greater help to the world.

7 Belongs to the Raft: Rhino is a dangerous criminal with no apologies for his actions

Marvel Rhino Extreme Transformed Rampage

Rhino is one of Spider-Man’s most powerful enemies, able to even take on the Hulk and get a good idea. It’s extremely impressive, and it means the kind of destruction Rhino can cause is untold. Unlike many of Spider-Man’s enemies, he has no psychological reason for his crimes and must be placed in a location that can hold him back.

The Raft is made for supercriminals like the Rhino. Power inhibitors will prevent him from escaping or brutalizing others. Rhino is a dangerous person and should be placed in a location where he cannot hurt others.

6 Belonging to Ravencroft: the jackal has been mad for years

Miles Warren the Jackal

The Jackal is partly responsible for one of the darkest chapters in Spider-Man history: the Clone Saga. Creator of the Spider-Clone, he was also obsessed with his former student Gwen Stacy, whom he brought back to life through cloning. He would disappear for years until he returned during the Clone Saga, where he was portrayed as an almost Joker character.

Jackal’s years of experimenting with himself and others have driven him mad and his actions prove it. For this reason, he should be placed in Ravencroft where he can learn to deal with his problems in a more constructive manner.

5 Belongs to the Raft: Kraven the Hunter just wants to prove he’s better than Spider-Man

Kraven the hunter has grown into one of the greatest hunters in the world, hunting and killing some of the most dangerous beasts on the planet. He eventually decided that Spider-Man was the ultimate prey and pursued him for years, trying to defeat the hero to prove he was better than him. There really isn’t any psychological weakness involved in Kraven’s reasoning, he just enjoys what he does.

Kraven isn’t exactly the worst criminal in the world, but he’s still a criminal, and rather willful. Putting a dangerous man like him on the raft would be a fitting punishment, especially when one realizes that he was literally chasing a teenager for years.

4 Belongs to Ravencroft: Shriek’s mental issues have kept others using him for years

Shriek is Carnage’s girlfriend and just like him, she loves to wreak havoc and kill others. Shriek’s sonic powers make her very dangerous and it doesn’t help that she is unstable. This has allowed Carnage to use her in her own twisted serial killings and it’s something she needs help with.

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Putting Shriek in a Raft prison wouldn’t do him any good. In Ravencroft, she can get the help she needs.

3 Belongs to the Raft: The vulture’s criminal life was driven by greed and revenge

The Vulture started his time as a criminal trying to make up for the loss of his small business due to the extortion of his partner. From there, he would run into Spider-Man and continue his criminal ways. He joined the Sinister Six in revenge on the Wall-Crawler and his actions prove that he must be put in jail.

The Raft is a tough place, but Vulture is a more dangerous criminal than his age would lead you to believe. Putting him on the raft is proper punishment for a man who has committed crimes for no other reason than greed and revenge.

2 Belongs to Ravencroft: Green Goblin’s existing struggles have been exacerbated by the Goblin Formula

Green goblin

The rivalry between Green Goblin and Spider-Man is legendary. Norman Osborn built an industrial empire and even before his stint as a criminal was a ruthless man. The Goblin Formula made matters worse, pushing him past the limit. Even when he was ostensibly better, during his time with the Thunderbolts and Dark Avengers, his character Green Goblin almost acted like an alternate personality.

Green Goblin has done a lot of bad things over the years, but his struggles are intense and putting him in jail would only make it worse. A long stay at Ravencroft might help him learn to manage things in a healthier way.

1 Belongs to the Raft: Carnage is a monstrous serial killer


When Carnage first appeared, he was sharing a prison cell with Venom. Cletus Kasady was a serial killer and gaining a symbiote only made it worse. He had become one of Spider-Man’s most terrifying enemies, going on a rampage and trying to kill as many people as possible. There is only one thing Carnage loves and that is killing.

A place like Ravencroft can’t help someone like Carnage. He’s killed way too many people and must be held in a place like the Raft. The Raft can take care of and hold him better than anywhere else.

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