How to watch alien movies in order

“Alien” takes place in 2122, 17 years after “Alien: Covenant”. But, despite this short span of time, there is a lot going on in between. “Covenant” continued to put vital information into spin-off media. Peter Weyland’s company became Weyland-Yutani not on screen, but in a book by Alan Dean Foster. “Origins,” released months after the film’s debut, describes how Yutani’s CEO attacked Weyland Corp after Peter’s death, explaining why the settlers were flying under a familiar corporate banner.

There were also two other “Alien: Covenant” shorts produced after the film’s release. One, “Advent”, was included on the DVD. This is David’s thesis on how to create a higher being, posted to Weyland-Yutani. In grotesque autopsy footage, David defiles Dr. Shaw as he talks about perfecting his creation. “Advent” also makes it clear that Daniels, one of the two surviving Alliance settlers, is destined to be part of the first Queen Xenomorph. It is an act that will ensure the future replication of the species.

The other movie, “David’s Lab – Last Signs of Life”, was released on YouTube as a birthday present. Twelve minutes is too slow for what it offers. Weyland-Yutani sent an expedition to study David’s lab, and of course one of David’s new facehuggers takes a bite out of the newcomers.

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