Supergirl: Season 6, Episode 11 recap and spoilers

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Supergirl Season 6, Episode 11, “Mxy in the Middle,” which aired Tuesday on The CW.

Season 6 of Super girl built the menace of the 5th dimensional pixie princess Nyxlygsptlnz as the series’ final cosmic menace. Picking up where “Still I Rise” left off, “Mxy in the Middle” begins with the arrival of Mister Mxyzptlk, also known as Mxy, after being summoned by Supergirl. The other 5th dimensional pixie comes to her aid against the princess, defending Supergirl from Nyxly’s blasts. The two manage to escape and regroup with J’onn and the others, without Kelly facing the fallout from the building destroyed by Nyxly.

Unable to do magic without Nyxly tracking him down, Mxy performs a musical number to the tune of “I Will Survive”, with the lyrics exchanged for Nyxly’s life story. Nyxly and her brother conspired to overthrow their father, Mad King Brpxz, but were caught red-handed. The king disowned Nyxly, while his brother received praise for his ferocity. While showing how the fictional patriarchs are just as unfair as the real ones, this story is the opposite of what Nyxly initially told Kara. She stated that King Brpxz killed her brother, although Mxy believes she was speaking metaphorically, as Nyxly considers her brother to have died for her.

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supergirl mxy singing for i will survive

The most important part of Mxy’s song is about the AllStone, an incredibly powerful item created by an evil pixie named Jyrryd. The AllStone was meant to give the Imp in control of everything, even life and death. The other 5th dimensional imps weren’t so excited about his plan, banishing Jyrryd and blowing up the AllStone. The broken pieces have become totems. Every planet has a set, according to Mxy. Nyxly wants to collect the totems to create a new AllStone, although this is made difficult by the fact that the totems can be disguised as anything. To get around this, she uses a crystal owned by Jyrryd that can hunt down totems, though she needs one more thing for this to work: a descendant of Jyrryd to stay inside the orb. In a somewhat convenient twist, Mxy reveals that he is Jyrryd’s last descendant, making him Nyxly’s target.

Throughout the episode, Nia struggles with the guilt of being the one who freed Nyxly. This guilt is even worse when Kara begins to blame herself for Nyxly’s appearance, as she believes she brought Nyxly into the real world from the Phantom Zone. After confiding in Brainiac 5 and showing how far their relationship has come in terms of trust, Nia also reveals the truth to Supergirl. Expecting to be hated by her hero, Nia is relieved when Kara realizes that Nia simply made a mistake, as they all have done in the past.

Examining blueprints for the device Nyxly used to restore her powers, the Superfriends hatch a plan to use a magically powered sinking armband to weaken Nyxly. Mxy offers an amulet which he hid after Mon-El used it to fight the Imp. Without being able to use his magic, Mxy finds his help worthless as the team works on the device. Eventually summoned downtown to fight a giant cat summoned by Nyxly, the pixie gives the team a two-hour deadline to hand Mxy over. Mxy brings up the idea of ​​cloning himself to cheat Mxy, although his clone quickly disintegrates. Supergirl and Nia improve on this idea by having Nia take on the appearance of Mxy to get close enough to Nyxly to use the armband on her.

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supergirl mxy and dreamy

Dreamer uses Brainy’s Image Inductor to mimic Mxy’s appearance, and she and Supergirl go to meet Nyxly. Unfortunately, the power-cushioning armband disrupts Dreamer’s illusion, which leads Nyxly to capture the Superfriends to lure Mxy. She summons a Kryptonite-breathing dragon to threaten the team, while also telling them how Mxy said he would support Nyxly in overthrowing her father, only for Mxy to vouch for her during the trial. Mxy arrives and saves the Superfriends, wanting to make up for his past actions, but gets captured by Nyxly in the process. While sealed in the orb, Mxy manages to get the Power Damping Armband on Nyxly before she returns to her ship.

The Superfriends regroup and agree to try to save Mxy while preventing Nyxly from recreating the AllStone. Mitch, the alien criminal used by Nyxly to help her regain her powers, only saved Nyxly so that she could give him a better life with her powers. Powerless again, Nyxly agrees to grant his wishes if they manage to find the totems, starting with the totem of courage. Nia sees this in her dreams, letting the Superfriends know what Nyxly’s next move is. It is not yet clear whether the totems are meant to be real people like the Paragons in Crisis were, or if they are just everyday items. Either way, Plot A ends with the set setting for the Superfriends to pursue Nyxly and save Mxy.

For the episode’s plot B, Lena is visiting her mother’s hometown. She and Andrea talk on the phone about a photo of Lena’s mother, Elizabeth, and her two childhood friends. Lena asks Andrea to locate a girl in the photo, Florence, which the CEO of CatCo happily accepts. Lena’s arrival in town is less than welcome, as bed and breakfast and pub owners are throwing her out. The owner of the pub, named Peggy, is the daughter of Margaret Bishop, the other woman pictured with Elizabeth and Florence. Peggy reveals to Lena that their mothers were in a coven together and that Elizabeth allegedly killed Margaret.

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supergirl lena with florence

Already overwhelmed by her Luthor side, Lena wants to give up and go home. Andrea calls back with information about Florence and urges Lena to continue searching for the truth. Arriving at what looks like a small hut in the woods, Lena finds Florence, who reveals that Elizabeth, Margaret and herself were in fact witches, who pursued Margaret’s husband after learning he was beating her. . What was intended as a scare tactic accidentally turned into murder when the three lost control of their magic and set the hangar on fire. Florence ends by telling Lena that she inherited her mother’s gift, which the scientist finds it hard to believe.

In terms of the main story, “Mxy in the Middle” does a great job of preparing for the home stretch by facing Nia’s guilt and focusing primarily on the battle to stop Nyxly. Foreground is Dreamer’s character development, with her able to interpret her dreams, while maintaining a healthy and honest relationship with Brainy. On the other hand, the plots of characters like Kelly and Lena seem to have gotten lost in the process. Kelly still hasn’t donned the Guardian armor, though the teaser for next week’s episode seems to finally be making its debut. With only a few episodes remaining on the show, it’s a shame Kelly didn’t have more time to dress up and show off her skills.

This leads to the other hanging story: Lena’s magical ability. Lena’s journey to find the motherly side of the family seemed like a natural progression for someone trying to get away from the craziness of her Luthor heritage. Elizabeth Walsh having a darker past than Lena knew, it even makes sense, but the sudden revelation that Lena’s mother was magical comes a little too late to do good. With only a few episodes remaining and one major threat to resolve, Lena’s development as a witch will be short and likely not so sweet for viewers who appreciated Lena as a great human character among the Superb. Lena’s magical abilities will likely play a role in the final battle against Nyxly, leaving it to fans to Super girl decide if another character becoming a superhuman so close to the end was really needed.

New episodes of Supergirl air Tuesdays on The CW.

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