Last Ride’s big reveal terrified Batman and Green Lantern

Darkseid’s legacy continues to haunt the Justice League as Batman and Green Lantern stumble upon an army of Darkseid clones in Last Ride.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Justice League: Last Ride # 5, on sale now from DC Comics.

The Justice League’s mission to keep Lobo safe while they await trial took a worse turn when several forces converged on Apokolips where they were hiding Lobo. Batman and Green Lantern descended into the bowels of the planet to restart his defense systems, but in the process uncovered a horrible secret in the world of the dead: Darkseid had made an army of clones of himself. In Justice League: Last Ride # 5 by Chip Zdarsky, Miguel Mendonica, Enrica Angiolini, and AndWorld Design, this not only represents a possible new threat to the League, but completely undoes everything they’ve done to stop Darkseid in the past.

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For Darkseid, having made multiple clones of himself before his death could mean a lot. He may have intended to continue his existence in one form or another, even though it wasn’t the original that did. Darkseid has in the past used clones in his plans, like the way he cloned Batman in the “Final Crisis” storyline, a ploy to turn Batman into a weapon of mass destruction. But this time around, it was the Lord of Apokolips who was duplicated.

The cloning-centric schemes are not without precedent for Darkseid. The question is how do these clones work? Were they meant to be exact copies of Darkseid or are they empty shells designed for Darkseid’s spirit to inhabit if the worst were to happen to his first body? The latter seems more plausible than the former due to the fact that Darkseid reincarnated in a human body at some point, so the possibility that his consciousness still exists in some form or another in the universe is quite obvious. fact possible and completely horrible.

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The last time the Justice League faced Darkseid, they lost almost everything. He planned to send nuclear bombs to Earth via Boom Yube while attacking Oa, intending to siphon off the battery pack for himself. This left the League torn in two as they tried to stop both attacks. In the process, Martian Manhunter sacrificed himself to stop Apokolips and stop the attack on Earth. This resulted in severing the relationship between Batman and Superman, who are still on rocky ground today.

But with this revelation, everything they fought, everything they lost on that tragic day is completely invalidated. Earth was saved, but after Darkseid was apparently killed in an explosion, the rest of the universe heaved a collective sigh of relief. They were all comforted by the fact that if they were to lose a friend and more, then at least the monster responsible for it was gone forever.

Except it isn’t. They are not. The clones still appear to be inactive, but with Apokolips restarting, it seems likely that they will wake up and start causing even more havoc. But it could also be a good thing for the League. The only thing that brings them together right now is one last mission. If a common threat re-establishes their lost ties, then perhaps a silver lining can be found in the storm to come.

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