Teenage Euthanasia: Release Date, Preview, Trailer, Cast & Latest Updates!

Hi! Teenage Euthanasia is an American adult animated television series created by Alyson Levy and Alissa Nutting. The series stars Maria Bamford, Jo Firestone, Tim Robinson and Bebe Neuwirth.

What is the show about? When is he going to come out? Is it worth watching? Well you have to read on to find out! So let’s get started! Here are the answers to your questions !

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What is the show about?

Trophy Fantasy is a teenage mother who left her baby daughter Euthanasia “Annie” Fantasy in the care of her mother Baba and her brother Pete. After dying years later, Trophy’s corpse is delivered to Baba. An unexpected combination of Baba’s embalming fluid and Annie’s tears resurrects Trophy as a zombie with supernatural abilities.

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Teenage Euthanasia Season 1: Official Release Date

The wait is finally over! Here is good news for all of you. Season 1 premiere on September 19, 2021 about adult swimming. Save this date!

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Let’s take a look at the official Season 1 trailer

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Teenage Euthanasia Season 1: Cast of Voices and Characters

We will have Maria Bamford in Trophy Fantasy, Jo Firestone in Euthanasia ‘Annie’ Fantasy, Tim Robinson in Uncle Pete and Bebe Neuwirth in Baba. We will also have Scott Adsit, Jordan Carlos, Tony Cavalero and Leo Fitzpatrick. We also have John Gemberling, Phaedra Lee, Neil Magnuson, and Taryn Manning. Alissa Nutting, Edi Patterson, Bumper Robinson, Corin Wells and many more will also be there!

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