Scott Peterson will be sentenced to life in prison in November (judge)

Scott Peterson is seen in a jail photo dated May 11, 2018.

Just over a year after appeals court overturned convicted murderer Scott Peterson’s death sentence, a judge reportedly said on Wednesday that Peterson would be formally sentenced to life imprisonment sometime in November. The exact date will likely be set at a hearing on October 6.

In August 2020, a California appeals court kept Peterson’s main conviction intact, but found that the trial court had “mistakenly dismissed” jurors who expressed opposition to the death penalty. The court ruled that this error necessitated the dropping of Peterson’s death sentence, “even though jurors gave no indication that their opinions would prevent them from following the law.”

Tell the judge that Laci Peterson family found the process “just too painful” to repeat, the California prosecutor refused to prosecute capital punishment yet again. Scott Peterson is now 48 years old. At the time of the Christmas Eve murder in 2002, Laci Peterson was 27 years old. She was 8 months pregnant and was carrying her unborn child. Conner peterson.

The outcome of the November conviction will not be a mystery: Peterson’s first and second degree murder convictions impose a minimum sentence of life imprisonment behind bars.

In a written decision dated Tuesday but made public on Wednesday, the judge allowed the convicted killer to make a limited discovery ahead of a separate hearing scheduled for next year in his habeas case.

“Considering that these allegations are relevant to the alleged underlying misconduct and that the requested subpoenas will enable the Court to establish some of the disputed facts, the limited discovery requested is appropriate and will ultimately expedite the litigation,” indicates the decision.

Peterson’s attorneys attacked Juror # 7, whom they called a “thug” and charged with lying.

The judge granted limited disclosure as to this juror, who KRON, based in Modesto, Calif., Identified as being Richelle Nice. Their legal claims that the juror “wanted to try Mr. Peterson, in part to punish him for a crime of harming his unborn child – a crime she personally experienced when Marcella Kinsey threatened the juror’s life 7 and the life of the juror 7 unborn child.

The judge did not believe the search for evidence of Peterson needed to be deepened.

“The Court is also not convinced, for several reasons, that there are any unexpected witnesses or evidence which could refute Juror 7’s own interpretation of the questionnaire she personally completed and her recollections of these. undisclosed private incidents, “said the judgment. “First, since there are witnesses to both incidents, they are few. Insofar as [Peterson] wishes to call each one as a witness, he may do so for the hearing of the evidence. Testimony should be brief and focused on these incidents. “

Peterson claimed Juror No.7 hid some undisclosed incidents in order to be part of the jury to punish him.

“Juror No. 7 denies having lied on his questionnaire or having had any prejudice against the applicant,” wrote the judge. “This Court will have the opportunity to assess the credibility of Juror # 7 on these issues during the hearing of the evidence. On the contrary, arranging for a deposition, especially during a pandemic, would take much longer than the live testimony of Juror No.7 and provide the Court as a fact-finder with little or no additional relevant information.

The judge also denied Peterson’s request to drop off the woman’s boyfriend and her mother.

Read the decision below:

[image via San Quentin State Prison]

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