Have the Chrisleys adopted little Chloe?

Viewers of ‘Chrisley Known Best’ would know how nice it is to witness the adorable relationship Todd Chrisley and Chloe Chrisley share. Chloe has been a beacon of happiness for the family, and her mischievous antics often leave loved ones as well as the public at odds. She is also unanimously loved by all members of the Chrisley family and has become very popular in the series. However, with all of Chrisleys being Caucasians, viewers often wondered if Chloe was adopted. Well, we have come to provide answers!

Did the Chrisleys adopt Chloe?

No, the Chrisleys didn’t adopt Chloe. Chloe Chrisley is actually the biological daughter of Todd’s son, Kyle Chrisley, and his girlfriend, Angela Johnson. According to sources, Kyle was living with bipolar disorder and also reportedly struggled with drug addiction. Additionally, his ex-girlfriend and Chloe’s mother Angela Johnson also claimed that Kyle was abusive towards her and her daughter during her pregnancy and Chloe’s first year of birth. Speaking to Life & Style about the situation, Angela even went on to say, “He grabbed me and choked me when I was pregnant. There was a time when he got mad at me. me and came up to me with a knife while I was holding Chloe He was talking about stabbing me, then threw a pill bottle and hit me in the face with Chloe.

Due to allegations of domestic violence and abuse, Kyle was arrested just a year after Chloe was born, which resulted in Todd sharing custody of his granddaughter with Angela. Unfortunately, this arrangement further strained Kyle’s relationship with his father as he claimed his father stole his daughter and said. “My dad showed no interest in Chloe until the show and until it was pointed out that having a mixed race child and having her and all of that would be good for her demographics.” On the flip side, Todd appeared not to take such accusations to heart and, in a 2014 interview, claimed that although Kyle is bipolar and self-medicated, he never wished him any harm.

In 2016, Angela Johnson found herself in trouble when she was arrested for Medicaid fraud. His arrest led to complications regarding his custody of Chloe, and Todd was subsequently granted full custody of his granddaughter. Since then, Chloe has been an integral part of Todd’s family and loves her place in the house. Todd is very protective of his granddaughter and is the first to stand up for her in the face of unfortunate incidents.

Recently, Chloe was the victim of revolting racial discrimination when she was attacked on social media for being biracial. Nonetheless, Todd’s family was quick to address the issue and openly spoke out against such comments, asserting Chloe’s position as an important member of the family. Fans have also wondered if Kyle’s recent marriage to Ashleigh Nelson would disrupt Chloe’s current custody arrangement. However, with Todd now having full custody of his granddaughter, the chances of Chloe being affected are pretty unlikely. Additionally, with Kyle no longer estranged from his father, he could become more actively involved in his daughter’s life.

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