Universal Declaration on Combating and Preventing Forced Organ Harvesting – A Call on Humanity to Stop the CCP’s Atrocities

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World Summit on Combating and Preventing Forced Organ Harvesting, with 38 global human rights experts, brings together hundreds and thousands of online viewers

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, September 28, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – Universal Declaration on Combating and Preventing Forced Organ Harvesting – a call for humanity to stop the atrocities perpetrated by the Party chinese communist

During this year’s United Nations General Assembly in September, the “World Summit on Control and Prevention of Forced Organ Harvesting,” co-hosted by five non-governmental organizations from the United States, Europe and Asia and comprising a series of six online webinars, was held from September 17-26, 2021 and brought together 38 experts from 19 countries around the world. According to statistics compiled by the organizers of the event, the World Summit has garnered several hundred thousand views.

At the end of the World Summit, the organizers launched the Universal Declaration on Combating and Preventing Forced Organ Harvesting, also known as UDCPFOH, calling on the entire human race to support the concerted effort to end the atrocities of forced organ harvesting. of organs committed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The UDCPFOH is jointly launched by five initiating NGOs: “Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting (DAFOH)” from the United States, “CAP Freedom of Conscience” from Europe, “Transplant Tourism Research Association (TTRA)” from Japan, “Korea Association for Ethical Organ Transplants (KAEOT) “from South Korea and” Taiwan Association for International Care of Organ Transplants (TAICOT) “from Taiwan.

The initiating organizations claim that the UDCPFOH is the most solemn declarative instrument, striving to ensure that as a collective people of the 21st century, we resolve to end the most evil atrocity of the forced levy of organs by the CCP. The UDCPFOH is based on the foundation of inalienable rights which cannot be deprived by any person or regime and lays bare the fundamental principles of the most fundamental universal values, including the inviolability of human dignity and the protection of human life, body and freedom. The UDCPFOH also proposes measures to combat and prevent the CCP’s forced organ harvesting from seriously violating the value of human existence.

With the following declarations, the initiating organizations call on all people of the world to move forward and support the UDCPFOH:

World War II afflicted humanity with irreparable anguish and loss. He also urged the international criminal justice system to punish barbaric human rights violations as a “crime of genocide”, “crime of torture” and “crime against humanity”, recognized as one of the most serious offenses under international criminal law. The gross violations of human rights persist in a climate of secrecy and are not discouraged, easily ignored by the political and economic influences exerted by totalitarian regimes. Therefore, the additional deaths and untold suffering see no end. One such atrocities is the CCP’s forced organ harvesting, a most evil crime affecting millions of people.

Over the years, investigative reports by international organizations, human rights groups and governments, as well as expert analysis have all concluded that the greater number of victims of forced abduction organs are Falun Gong. The independent “Chinese Court” established in London in 2019 has asserted that the killing of detainees to obtain their organs for transplants continues in China and that the main victims are imprisoned Falun Gong practitioners. The crimes against humanity against Falun Gong and the Uyghurs have been proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

3. The crimes committed during World War II led to the adoption of several important international human rights conventions. During the twentieth century, when wars and abuses destroyed human rights, freedoms and justice, the international community consolidated its consensus to protect fundamental human rights in the form of international declarations and conventions and put them implemented around the world. UDCPFOH clearly supports the core standards represented in the most important international human rights conventions over the past 70 years and uses these standards as guiding principles. These conventions include the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948), the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (1966), the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (1984), the Convention for the protection of human rights and dignity. of the human being with regard to the applications of biology and medicine: Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine (1997) and Council of Europe Convention against Trafficking in Human Organs (2015 ).

4. Forced organ harvesting is not only used to effect “cleansing” and genocide of Falun Gong practitioners and ethnic minority groups, such as Uyghurs, but also involved in obtaining a profit. massive economic. Such profit comes from organ transplantation itself, as well as transnational organ sales, transplant tourism, and organ brokerage. Therefore, combating and preventing forced organ harvesting requires simultaneous efforts at the international and national levels.

5. At the national level, the UDCPFOH explains that all governments must take the legislative and other measures necessary to criminalize forced organ harvesting under their domestic law in order to strictly punish those responsible for this crime and that the judiciary shall initiate and ensure an effective criminal investigation and prosecution of all offenses. The administrative systems of all governments prohibit entry to anyone known to participate directly or indirectly in forced organ harvesting, deter their own medical professionals from training Chinese doctors or medical personnel in transplant surgery, and urge medical journals to reject publications on “the Chinese experience” in transplant medicine and the like. Meanwhile, every country should raise awareness about the illegality of forced organ harvesting. The UDCPFOH emphasizes international cooperation on the collection, analysis and exchange of relevant information on illegally obtained human organs and on the investigation of abuses related to forced organ harvesting.

UDCPFOH has been translated into seven languages: English, Chinese, German, French, Japanese, Korean and Spanish. The UDCPFOH is available for download on its official website at:

Finally, the five initiating organizations call on all organizations and individuals, on the basis of their conscience and their dignity as members of the human family, to endorse the Universal Declaration on the Control and Prevention of Forced Harvesting. organs, and join us in our efforts to end this transplant immediately. atrocity.

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