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GANDHINAGAR / AHMEDABAD: The BJP broke the spell and won a spectacular victory in civic polls in the state capital, Gandhinagar. Tuesday’s recount day saw the Saffron party win 41 seats out of 44 members, as Congress was virtually wiped out in its traditional stronghold. Before this triumph, the BJP had never been able to obtain a majority in the elections of the Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation (GMC) since its creation in 2010.
Much of the angst in Congress came from the AAP. Congress saw its share of the vote drop from 46.93% to 27.97%, a massive drop of 18.96%. The AAP, which ran for the GMC for the first time, won an impressive 21.31% of the vote. The BJP’s share of the vote increased from 1.74% to 46.50%, but helped it grab 90% of the seats.

Gandhinagar Civic Corps polls were a litmus test for the BJP. Gandhinagar is the seat of power and the elections were held against the backdrop of the BJP high command’s daring experiment of completely reshuffling the government ahead of the legislative elections of 2022. The GMC elections were also crucial as the city part of the Lok Sabha constituency of Union Home Minister Amit Shah and is home to a large number of government employees and officials. Significantly, despite having pocketed 21% of the vote, the AAP could win a single seat in the company. Congress won only two seats.

Firecrackers were set off, candy was handed out and drums rang out for most of the day in Kamalam, BJP state headquarters in Gandhinagar. State BJP Chairman CR Paatil and CM Bhupendra Patel credited Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah for the party’s superlative performance at the polls.
The first GMC elections were held in 2011 when Congress won 18 seats while the BJP won
15. The BJP, however, won power in Congress when three councilors, including the mayor, defected into the fold of Saffron. In 2016, there was a tie between two parties when both won 16 seats each. The BJP snatched power again after Congressman Praveen Patel defected from the BJP after being offered the post of mayor as a reward. This time, voters elected the ruling BJP with an overwhelming majority.
With Gandhinagar’s civic body in its kitty, the BJP now fully controls all urban bodies as it already runs eight major cities, including Ahmedabad, Surat, Rajkot, Vadodara, Bhavnagar, Jamnagar and Junagadh. Gandhinagar’s successful victory added to CR Paatil’s growing influence and will further enhance his stature as a party leader who can consistently deliver results.
Paatil said: “The historic result proves once again that the people of Gujarat have complete confidence in Narendra Modi.” He added: “The party will keep all promises made to the people. The BJP will work in coordination with the government for the development of Gandhinagar. He called the new AAP entrant “thunder without rain” and said there was “no room for a third party in Gujarat”.
Gopal Italia, the state president of the AAP, said: “The BJP has won the numbers game. In winning people’s hearts, the AAP has certainly done a good job. He added: “Our candidate won and the party got a huge 21% share of the vote in its first contest. BJP succeeded with money and muscle power. He went on to say, “Congress can blame us, but in the last two elections, when people elected them to power, they were bought off by the BJP. So the people taught them a lesson. This result gave us a major boost for the legislative elections of 2022. “CM Bhupendra Patel declared after the victory:” Before becoming Chief Minister, I would come to Gandhinagar for the work of (Union Minister) Amitbhai ( Shah).” Patel added, “Amitbhai was concerned about the poor and would hold ward meetings for those who were not receiving rations.” He said the BJP and its elected officials are working in unison.
Meanwhile, in a setback for the BJP, Congress emerged victorious in Bhanvad Municipality in Devbhumi Dwarka District, winning 16 of 24 seats. The BJP, which only managed to win eight seats this time, had been in power in Bhanvad since 1995.
To concern Three weeks after Gujarat cabinet overhaul, BJP scores landslide victory in GMC polls

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