The death penalty is not a deterrent


Leela Ramdeen –

There is no evidence that the death penalty has a deterrent effect on crime.

The president and lawyer of Greater Caribbean for Life, Leela Ramdeen, expressed this point of view during a virtual forum on the death penalty, organized Thursday by several foreign embassies.

She said there is no evidence anywhere that suggests the death penalty is a deterrent against crime. Ramdeen also claimed that the death penalty has been used indiscriminately in some countries against certain categories of people.

She said there should be a moratorium on the application of the death penalty and called for the punishment to be replaced with an alternative punishment that is fair and proportionate.

The international law coordinator at the Mexican government’s Ministry of External Relations, Salvador Tinajro Esquivel, said the last time the death penalty was applied in Mexico was in 1961.

The death penalty in Mexico was officially abolished on March 15, 2005. In December 2005, the death penalty was abolished in all penal codes through reforms to the Mexican Constitution.

Esquivel said homicides in Mexico fell to their lowest number in 2007, two years after the death penalty was abolished. Mexican authorities have since turned their attention to the greatest security threats posed by organized crime, weapons and human trafficking.

Esquivel said the abolition of the death penalty in Mexico has allowed more attention to be paid to the origin of violent crimes.

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