Adopted in Nanjing; American lady, now 26, seeks biological parents


She was born in Nanjing, but life started off badly. Finding a home with an American couple made her feel confused and challenged to grow up. And now she wants to know where she came from and has set out to find her biological parents.

The little girl was born in Nanjing on December 24, 1994. But a month later, on January 26, she was abandoned. Raised for several months at the NanJing Child Protection Institute, the baby was given the name Yi Yang.

Unlike many abandoned or orphaned babies at the Institute, Baby Yang was fortunate to find adoptive parents in an American Jewish couple on May 8.

Raising Yang as theirs in the United States, under her adopted name, Sophie Samdperil, her parents spoke openly about adoption throughout her childhood.

And out of respect for her cultural identity and to ensure continuity, Sophie played with other adopted Chinese children.

Sophie also found that her desire to take root grew stronger as she grew older. Even though she was afraid to find out why she had been abandoned, she still missed the biological parents she had never met. “I want to find them, know them and understand them, so that I can find myself,” she said, reports The World Journal.

Yet Sophie still wondered. Perhaps it had been abandoned because of China’s one-child policy at the time. Or were economic considerations at stake? “At the end of the day, I still want to get to know them and hope they give me a big hug.”

Once her good friend in grade 6 told her, “I don’t treat you like a Chinese. In my eyes, you are you ”. While the words were kind, they also made Sophie feel even more involved in her identity.

And Sophie therefore launched the search for her biological mother and father, with the full support of her adoptive parents. They too hope that she can find the part that was missing in her heart.

After undergoing genetic testing, Sophie believes she may be from the Miao ethnic minority.

Anyone with information that they feel willing and able to share can take the initiative to contact them. Sophie can be reached via [email protected]


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