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Before being kissed by the Touch of Gray volunteers, Peaches’ life was anything but rosy.

The chihuahua had been used as a herding dog for years, and when baseball-sized hernias developed on her stomach from over-breeding, she was put aside by her elders. owners.

Enter Vickie Griffis, who roamed Touch of Gray’s Facebook posts and started following – and donating – to The Little Dog’s Recovery. With time, resources, and plenty of space in her big heart, the retiree finally adopted Peaches into her home, where the tiny senior dog now rules three more rescues, some weighing nearly eight times Peaches’ 8 pounds.

“My knees were empty, but I wasn’t doing the puppy thing,” Peaches’ new mom said of her decision to save an elderly pet.

Since 2019, when four friends from Melbourne Beach formed the group, Touch of Gray has saved the lives of more than 280 older dogs who, while they have a lot to offer, are usually overlooked at shelters.

“We are saving dogs from shelters, owner surrenders and families in need of relocation due to the death of a pet parent,” said Rebecca Moore, Special Events Team Volunteer by Touch of Gray.

Like Peaches, some dogs face major medical issues, which the rescue organization resolves before the animal is available for adoption. In some shelters in the county, these dogs are said to be on the list for euthanasia.

“We believe in taking a chance on dogs that are in immediate danger of dying and giving them a chance to live,” said Moore.

Most of ToG’s dogs are 7 years of age or older.

“We typically have 35 to 50 foster dogs in our care,” added Moore.

Thanks to ToG’s volunteers, these often neglected and abandoned creatures enjoy love, care and compassion in their golden period of life.

“For us, it doesn’t matter if it’s days, weeks or years,” Moore said.

It was obvious to Griffis to invite Peaches into his life.

“She really is a peach,” she said.

Meet your next best friend at If adoption isn’t for you, consider donating to the care of a “Forever Foster” like cutie and teenage Leisel, who is currently not in pain, but has breast cancer that s. ‘has probably spread.

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