What happens to the animals that Amelia Air relocates?

HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) – Amelia Air is a Virginia-based nonprofit that partners with rescue groups across the country to move cats and dogs from the most dangerous shelters to larger shelters that can accommodate them.

“It is our mission to get animals out of these overcrowded shelters and therefore forced to euthanize them when they do not have enough room for the new animals to enter,” said Dean Heistad, founder of Amelia Air.

Amelia Air has rescue partners in New Jersey, New York and several other states who care for these animals to help them get adopted.

“The whole group loves to see these animals and loves to see: ‘okay, we saved animals, we took them out of a place, we made room for new ones to come behind them’, then they stand. are found in these wonderful homes and households and sometimes a retirement community, ”Heistad said.

One of Amelia Air’s partners, the Humane Society of Atlantic County, located in New Jersey, recently took some of the dogs from the shelter to visit residents of Brandywine Living, an assisted living facility. One of the dogs has been adopted by an employee and will begin its journey as a companion dog for residents.

“We have animals that are with Canine Warriors. They’re service animals for veterans with PTSD, so the latest new thing with the nursing home, it’s just a nice, natural extension of things we already do, so it makes us happy to see them in. these types of situations, ”said Steven Dash, executive director of the Humane Society of Atlantic County.

Heistad said he is very picky about Amelia Air’s partners as he only wants the best for the animals he moves. He adds that he is happy to have partners like the Humane Society of Atlantic County.

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