The 10 smartest characters in X-Men Comics

Mutants in the Marvel Universe have a wide variety of powers which are all granted by the addition of a powerful X gene into their genetic makeup, which many characters have spent their lives studying to better understand. Some of these intellectuals are mutants themselves, only hoping to learn more about what separated them to become. superior homo.

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While these gifted spirits are some of the brightest characters in the X-Men comics, there are a few mutants whose powerful abilities have also made them known as the smartest kids in school. So today, we’re going to take a look at some of the smartest X-Men characters who’ve appeared in the comics and why they top the class.

ten Sage’s mutant telepathic brain multitasks like an incredibly fast organic supercomputer

When the woman known as Tessa first appeared, she was a member of the inner circle of the Hellfire Club who worked closely with Sebastian Shaw, although it was eventually revealed that she was in fact a mutant. known as the Sage who worked undercover for Professor Xavier.

Sage’s powerful mutant mind is not only telepathic, but is able to multitask with supercomputer levels of computation, she has photographic memory and biokinetic abilities, including a genetic sight that allows her to perceive and even modify DNA, which she can do on her own. This ability allows him intuitively to understand genetic science on a whole new level.

9 Forge’s mutant power allows him to intuitively understand mechanics and engineering

The creator known as The Forge may not have the same credentials as some of the other X-Men characters who could be considered the smartest, but he still has a unique understanding of mechanics and engineering. which are second to none.

His mutant power gives him the intuitive knowledge to build and create anything he can think of, which makes him the perfect choice to build a number of the X-Men’s most powerful devices. Forge created or improved advanced technologies such as Blackbird, Danger Room, and even Cerebro, as well as their own cybernetic prosthetics.

8 James Bradley / Dr. Nemesis has a doctorate in medicine and years of study in biology, genetics and robotics

Doctor Nemesis

Doctor Nemesis is a century-old mutant whose power is similar to Forge’s in that he possesses an intuitively enhanced intelligence and polymath, able to learn, understand, and maintain a higher level of knowledge than the most human brains. James Bradley worked as a doctor before deciding to become a superhero known as Doctor Nemesis.

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He used his high level of intelligence to improve his lifespan and improve his own body with cybernetics and improved genetics. Doctor Nemesis was part of the Science X-Club and continued to work alongside the X-Men to help create the new anti-disease drugs that are being produced by Krakoa.

7 Kitty Pryde / Shadowcat has a PhD in Astrophysics and is an expert in computer engineering

Kitty Pryde and Lockheed working inside a computer

When Kitty Pryde first joined the X-Men, she was one of the youngest members of the team. However, she still continued her studies and even left the team for a bit to attend the University of Chicago. There she received a doctorate. in astrophysics, although this was not his only achievement over the years.

Kitty Pryde is also a genius computer expert whose advanced knowledge of programming and hacking even alien computer systems has made her a perfect recruit as a SHIELD agent, especially since she is also multilingual. and can speak human and extraterrestrial languages ​​like Japanese. , Russian, Skrullos and several dialects of the Shia language.

6 Monet St. Croix / M has eidetic memory, genius intelligence and improved intuition

Gen X has introduced a few powerful new mutants, including Monet St. Croix, better known as M (or Penance when in its most bestial form). M is enhanced in almost every way, as his strength, speed, and durability are well above the human physical peak, which also extends to his powerful telepathic mind.

M also has an eidetic memory and a genius intelligence which is coupled with an enhanced intuition which enables her to draw up diagrams and process information with an incredibly deductive mind which has made her a valued member of X-Factor Investigations. before joining the rest of the team. X-Men on Krakoa.

5 Mr. Sinister has a doctorate in medicine and a doctorate. in genetics with a life of study of mutants

Powers of X Mister Sinister Feature

Nathaniel Essex was a Victorian-era scientist whose theories about the future development of the mutant genre made him an outcast of the scientific community of the time, though his theories caught the attention of the powerful and eternal mutant named Apocalypse.

Essex was transformed by Apocalypse, which allowed him to uncover many genetic secrets that he has spent centuries refining about himself and others. Mister Sinister is an expert geneticist with a unique skill in cloning and manipulating mutant abilities that have proven to be essential in the era of Krakoan mutants, although this has also made him one of the deadliest foes. of the X-Men.

4 Dr Moira MacTaggert is a biogeneticist who has increased her knowledge over several lifetimes

For years, Dr Moira MacTaggert was a geneticist who rose to prominence as one of the world’s foremost mutant experts, which led her to establish the Mutant Research Center on Muir Island. in order to help mutants understand and control their abilities.

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However, it was eventually revealed that Moira was a mutant herself who was able to relive her life after her death, resulting in ten different lives. Moira X expanded her knowledge and changed her field of study several times over the course of these lifetimes, which saw her transform into both a protector and conqueror of the mutant gender.

3 Professor Charles Xavier has five doctorates and received his first Harvard degree at the age of 16

Professor X leader of XMen

It’s no surprise that Professor Charles Xavier can be considered one of the smartest characters to appear in the X-Men comics, as he was the founder and director of the Xavier School for Gifted Children where the X-Men were first trained. He is an intellectual genius and obtained five doctorates at Oxford in the years leading up to the founding of his own school.

He also completed his undergraduate studies at Harvard at the age of 16, which allowed him to deepen his knowledge in areas such as genetics, mutations and biology, which made him a seasoned teacher of his many mutant students. Xavier also possesses one of the most powerful telepathic spirits on the planet, which has helped guide his dream of human and mutant coexistence.

2 David Alleyne / Prodigy’s mutant power allows him to absorb and retain knowledge

David Alleyne uses his prodigy powers

David Alleyne / Prodigy was already a brilliant person who had taken a number of college courses while still in high school before ever learning of his mutant psychomimetic ability which resulted in super-genius intelligence. Prodigy’s limited telepathy allowed him to absorb and mimic both the skills and knowledge of anyone in his immediate vicinity.

This includes some of the smartest mutants and superheroes on the planet and beyond. Stepford’s cuckoos unlocked his abilities again, allowing him to retain the skills and knowledge he had absorbed even after losing his mutant abilities. Prodigy’s skills and knowledge made him the ideal member of the Krakoa investigative team known as the X-Factor.

1 Henry McCoy / Beast has six doctorates and a lifetime of experimenting with the mutant gene

Beast reading while kicking enemies

The bouncy, shiny X-Man and Avenger known as the Beast is also Dr. Henry McCoy, and he claims to be one of the smartest people on the planet. McCoy has six different doctorates in fields like biochemistry and biophysics, as well as a doctorate in medicine and a better understanding of technology.

This puts him in the same field as other scientists like Reed Richards, Hank Pym, and Tony Stark. He’s also been experimenting with the mutant gene for years, which has resulted in his own bestial form that proves even the smartest people can make bad decisions.

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