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As Deputy Premier of NSW and Member of Parliament for Bathurst, Paul Toole continues to assess community feedback on the state government’s assisted dying [VAD] Invoice via a mailbox poll, members of Dying With Dignity NSW conducted their own tandem poll to further gather the thoughts of the electorate. Of around 1,600 people polled in the Bathurst electorate in the Dying With Dignity poll, 79% expressed support for the VAD Bill, which was first introduced in state parliament on October 14. READ ALSO: Daffodil Cottage and Bathurst Wig Library Receive Generous Donations With Dignity NSW Fellow Simone Shearer Who Wrote Personal Letter To Mr Toole Discussing Importance Of Passing VAD Bill, Said that she was worried that the decision would be left to a vote of conscience. “I would like to see Mr. Toole carefully examine the sentiments of the entire electorate, and our poll indicates that most are in favor of passing this bill,” Ms. Shearer said. “The point I want to make is that this bill will give people who are terminally ill or people in a vegetative state [and their families] the legal right to end their suffering, and it is a personal choice that depends on the individual and the family. READ ALSO: Bathurst MP Paul Toole under fire for alleged breach of disclosure rules Voluntary euthanasia has been legal in Victoria since 2019 and in Western Australia since July Dying With Dignity NSW and former President Richard Mills said New Zealand had also introduced legislation regarding voluntary euthanasia and it was right for NSW to follow suit. “All other Australian states and New Zealand have gone through the same process over the past five years: conducting surveys, gauging public opinion, reviewing experiences abroad, talking to medical professionals: they have all concluded that voluntary euthanasia is the compassionate option for people who are terminally ill or vegetative, ”Mr. Mills said. Mr. Toole said he will take great care to consider a wide range of pe before determining his position, having previously stated that “my community’s word is important in forming an opinion on the best way forward.” this debate, and it’s a sensitive topic for many, so I want to make sure that my position on the matter is very well founded before stating my position. “Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can access our trusted content:



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