“As if they were my own animal”: veterinarians at the SPCA clinic set the record straight on euthanasia

The SPCA operates a non-profit clinic in Sungei Tengah which opened in 2018 with improved capacities and a wider range of treatments. The clinic treats rescued and stray animals as well as pets belonging to low-income households.

The clinic’s standard consultation fee is S $ 10, and standard treatments, in general, are about three to five times lower than private clinics, he said. But since resources are limited, he is unable to help all low income cases.

SPCA vets also see animals brought in for sterilization as part of the government’s Trap-Neuter-Release-Manage program. These animals can have health problems.

Last year, for example, the veterinary team discovered a large neck tumor in one of these dogs and operated to remove the entire mass. This reduced the chances of leaving cancer cells and controlled blood loss. The dog recovered and was released where it was found.


Ooi, who joined earlier this year after volunteering from October 2020, previously worked overseas.

One challenge of working with stray or community animals is the mystery and detective work that is sometimes involved, she said in a digital-only episode of the On The Red Dot series, At veterinarians.

“Seeing community animals is like opening a jack-in-the-box, you just don’t know what’s inside.”

LOOK: SPCA veterinarian on this question of euthanasia and management of stray animals and rescues (07:23)

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