NSW Alliance on Euthanasia ahead of debate

Nearly 30 organizations and community groups across the country have joined a public alliance to advocate for voluntary assisted death laws ahead of a debate in the New South Wales parliament this week.

Independent Sydney MP Alex Greenwich, who introduced the bill to parliament, said the alliance “demonstrates that people from all walks of life … support voluntary reform of assisted dying.”

The alliance includes several state branches of the euthanasia advocacy group Dying With Dignity, lawyers, civil rights activists and several groups representing doctors, nurses and other health workers.

“We have organizations representing thousands of people … all of whom support this important law reform,” said Dying With Dignity NSW President Penny Hackett.

Research commissioned by the Council on the Aging (COTA) NSW recently showed that 72% of NSW’s population over 50 supports the legislation and more than half would consider euthanasia themselves.

“Elderly people terminally ill with an incurable or incurable disease have the right to make informed decisions about their end-of-life medical care, including choosing to receive medical assistance to end their life with peace of mind, when of their choice, ”said Meagan Lawson, CEO of COTA NSW.

Outside the alliance, Mr Greenwich said the bill also had the backing of ‘the police association, the health services union, as well as the vast majority of the New Wales public from South”.

NSW is the only state that has yet passed voluntary assisted death laws.

Tasmania, South Australia and Queensland all passed laws this year.

The territories are not allowed to legislate on euthanasia.

Mr Greenwich said New South Wales had “lagged behind the rest of Australia” and that “the public expects its elected representatives to continue their work, debate the bill and have this reform adopted by parliament “.

“I urge all my colleagues: more dropouts and more games,” he said.

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