Region leaders gather in Wheeling to support free voting law


WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – A group of state and local leaders and citizens gathered in Wheeling on Friday to urge federal officials to pass the free vote law.

Participants spoke from the Wheeling City-County building, discussing the need for election workers to be protected from threats of violence heard in the last election cycle, the importance of same-day registration and more.

This bill is really about taking secret election money, making it more accessible. And we in West Virginia should be especially worried because we live in a rural area.

Natalie Tennant, former Secretary of State for W. Va.

The elimination of black money from the countryside is a key principle of this bill. We want to make sure that the campaigns that are run are run fairly and that people actually choose their politicians and that their politicians don’t just choose them.

Rosemary Ketchum, Wheeling City Council Member

Democracy is at stake here. We must maintain the strength of the Voters’ Rights Act of 1965 and not allow these voter suppression laws to prevent people from voting.

Owens Brown, Senator from West Virginia

They also advocate that early voting lasts at least 15 days. They say they want all Americans to be able to vote, regardless of race, income, religion or politics.

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