The Life of David Gale: all the curiosities about the film with Kevin Spacey

One of the most debated questions in the United States (but also in the rest of the world) is that concerning the death penalty, its validity and its fallibility. A particularly complex and still topical ethical subject, which has been transformed over the years and recounted on several occasions, even in the cinema with films like dead man walking And The green Line. Among the films that have most openly taken a stand against this, not without arousing controversy, there is The life of David Gale, produced in 2003 by Alan parker, written by Charles Randolph and produced by the actor among others Nicolas cage.

Parker, director of famous films such as Midnight Escape, they will be famous And Mississippi Burning – The Roots of Hate, with what is his last film, a reflection on the death penalty as well as on the role of activism, at the border between ideological passion and fanaticism. With a controversial end that did not fail to provoke analyzes and debates, The life of David Gale it is a powerful drama which is still the subject of ever new considerations today. Embellished with a cast of great actors, upon whom also a lot of the title’s fame rests, the film is still an interesting vision from which to form one’s own opinion on the matter.

At the time of its release, in fact, the film had gone almost unnoticed, gaining popularity over time to become a cult in its genre and on the subject. Before embarking on a movie viewing, however, it will definitely be helpful to delve into some of the main curiosities relating to this. By continuing to read here, it will be possible to find more details regarding the actor distribution and controversy the final. Finally, the main ones will also be listed streaming platforms containing the film in their catalog. However, we will first delve into the story, True or false, from the movie.

The Life of David Gale: The Plot and the True Story

The protagonist of the film is David Gale, professor of philosophy at the University of Austin, Texas. He is also an active member of Death Watch, an association which fights against the death penalty. Respectable professor’s life changes dramatically after a night of rough sex with Berlin, a student he met at a party, who first seduces him and then accuses him of rape. Arrested for this reason but then exonerated, David sees his professional reputation now destroyed. It was at this point that he began a relationship with Constance Harraway, also a member of the Death Watch.

However, when the woman is found raped and killed, suspicion again falls on Gale, who is again arrested and, this time, sentenced to the death penalty he has fought so hard for. Before execution, the rapporteur Bitsey bloom approaches David to try to get his side of the story. Speaking with the man, the woman will enter into full ethical battles against capital punishment, discovering more than she thought. When all is clear to her, Bitsey will have to choose sides, on the side of truth or silence.

The story of the film was constructed as a seemingly true story, but in reality it is not. It’s a totally fictional story, as the screenwriter himself said. The intention of these, in effect, was to give audiences something that seemed based on actual events, as this would have fostered greater involvement and easier identification between viewers and the characters in the film. Not for everyone, however, this result has been achieved and known is the opinion of famous critic Roger Ebert, who said that the film actually appears to discredit opponents of the death penalty rather than support their struggles.

The true life story of David Gale

The Life of David Gale: the cast and the film finale

As expected, the film sees the participation of well-known actors, including a few Oscars. The first of these is Kevin spacey, in the role of the protagonist, a character for which they were originally designed Nicolas cage And George clooney. Kate winslet is journalist Bitsey Bloom, a role originally offered to Nicole kidman. The actress Laura Linney instead plays Constance Harraway, while Rhona mitra is the Berlin student. Then the actors complete the casting Lee ritchey like Joe Mullarkey, Gabriel Mann in those of Zack Stemmons e Matt Craven like Dusty Wright. Instead, she appears as Nico, a gothic girl, actress Melissa McCarthy, now known for her comedic roles.

As for the film’s ending, however, it sparked quite a bit of puzzlement. Needless to say if you haven’t seen it yet The life of David Gale, you are advised to stop reading here and move on to the next paragraph. In the final minutes of the story, therefore, it turns out that Harraway actually committed suicide and the evidence which therefore exonerates Gale from the murder, however, is not disclosed until after the man’s death. It was, in fact, a well-orchestrated plan to demonstrate to the world that miscarriage of justice is always possible and that the death sentence excludes any possibility of salvation. This involvement, however, still makes Gale guilty of not helping Harraway in order to pursue his own goals.

The Life of David Gale trailer and where to watch it in streaming and on TV

You can take advantage of The life of David Gale thanks to its presence on some of the most popular streaming platforms on the net today. This is in fact available in the catalogs of Chili Cinema, Google Play and Netflix. To see it, once the reference platform has been chosen, all you have to do is rent the film individually or take out a general subscription. This way you will be able to watch it in total comfort and with the best video quality. The film is also present in the television schedule of saturday 27 november To 9:00 p.m. On the canal Iris.

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