ASUN Endorses University of Nebraska Anti-Racial and Racial Equity Plan

The students passed the bill unanimously

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – The UNL student government has unanimously approved a bill that would support and pass the University’s new racial equity plan.

The plan was created to address the inequalities that Blacks, Browns and Indigenous people faced. The plan is an extension of the University’s N2025 strategic plan to focus on inclusive excellence, enhance the student experience, increase their research, creative activities and engagement, and provide professional development experiences and learning for faculty, staff and students.

ASUN Anti-Racism Plan Bill

The university’s plan has been criticized by some, including Governor Pete Ricketts and Regent Jim Pillen.

During the meeting, the students discussed why it was important for them to vote and approve. In the past, the student governing body has not shown support for racial issues when these issues have arisen on campus. They wanted to be firm now that they support racial equity.

They also talked about what is really in the plan and a student senator said: “There [the plan] isn’t saying we’re going to inject critical race theory into every corner of our campus like some people are saying. So I just want to keep this in the context of what we’re actually talking about rather than what people on the outside are trying to tell us what we’re talking about.

Some students have even gone so far as to say that the student government should not listen to what people in rural and less diverse areas have to say because these people are not going to university. The students wanted each other to know that it’s what they, the students, want to see at the University that matters.


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