Metal Lee’s Parentage and Family Tree Theories Explained

Family has been a major theme in both Boruto and Naruto, so knowing the family tree of each character, including Metal Lee, is important.

The mystery surrounding Metal Lee’s parentage has puzzled the Boruto fandom for years now. All other characters belonging to the next generation have a clear family tree. When the identity of both parents is known, it becomes easier to understand the source of that character’s personality or abilities. Even Mitsuki, a rather mysterious character, was ultimately revealed to be Orochimaru’s child through cloning and genetic engineering.

Metal Lee’s only confirmed parent is his father, Rock Lee. Metal’s mother is completely unknown to the fandom. Uncovering the identity of Metal’s mother would reveal not only more information about Metal, but Rock Lee as well. What kind of woman would Rock Lee have a child with and what would their relationship be like?

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Metal Lee Potential Ground Hunter

One Reddit user u / Pradeepk98 believes the identity of Metal’s mother could also explain why he’s so anxious. Rock Lee has always been a confident ninja and is never afraid to put on a show to impress the people around him, but his son is the exact opposite. Metal is extremely embarrassed and panics when he realizes people are watching him. Maybe it was a trait he inherited from his mother, or something he learned from watching her.

There have been many different theories proposed by the fandom about Metal’s lineage. Some of them are more credible than others, but all of them are worth considering. The most popular theory is that Tenten is the mother of Metal. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch; Tenten was the only female member of Rock Lee’s former team, so it’s likely romance could have blossomed between the two of them. Sasuke got married and had a child with his former teammate, so why not Rock Lee? Reddit user u / nyfilexs even cited a scene from one of the Boruto openings as proof. In the scene, all of the next-gen parents stand together – and Rock Lee is next to Tenten.

The problem with this theory is that the series has never shown Tenten and Metal to interact before. If Tenten is the mother, it would be strange if there was never a scene from her Metal training, or even talking to her, given that she is still present in the village. Unless Tenten is an extremely neglectful parent, it’s hard to imagine her as Metal’s mother.

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Tenten is sitting in the shop and doesn't look amused

Another Reddit user u / borutostan19 jokingly theorized that Metal doesn’t even have a mother. Much like Orochimaru, Rock Lee may have produced a child asexually, through the power of youth. Rock Lee and Might Guy are both known to claim that the power of youth can overcome anything. Maybe in this case he can even overcome human biology.

However, the most likely fan theory is that Rock Lee simply adopted Metal and his biological parents are unknown. Rock Lee could play a similar role for Metal that Might Guy served for him. Even though Rock Lee and Guy looked surprisingly similar, the two were not related. Despite this, Guy always acted as a father figure to Rock Lee and trained him in his fighting style. Other children of the next generation were also adopted; Gaara adopted Shinki and raised him to be his successor. The same situation could apply to Rock Lee and Metal.

The parental bond that exists between Rock Lee and Metal is extraordinarily strong, regardless of the true identity of Metal’s mother or if Rock Lee is her biological father. Rock Lee believes that anyone can become a powerful ninja, even if they were born without special abilities or not from a famous family. Metal Lee turns this belief into reality. With the teachings of Rock Lee and the hard work of Metal, he learns to overcome his anxiety and grow as a ninja.

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