10 times Ben Reilly was a better Spider-Man than Peter Parker

“The Clone” first appeared in the Saga of the original clones in The Incredible Spider-Man # 149. The character would later return as part of the infamous Clone the saga from the 90s in the form of Ben Reilly. Ben is a fan favorite for a multitude of reasons.

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Although Ben’s life and origins are tragic – he remembers a past that was not his own – it never stopped him from being a hero and replacing Peter Parker when he had the most. need. If something terrible should happen to Peter, few web-heads are more qualified than Ben to take his place.

ten Give up the life he wished he had

Scarlet Spider vs. Spider-Man

As the Clone the saga started, covering the four months Spider Man titles, Ben Reilly was a mysterious figure. He spent much of his early appearances outside watching Peter’s life, literally and figuratively.

One of the saddest moments of the Clone the saga entered The Incredible Spider-Man # 400. As Aunt May slowly loses her life, Peter, Mary Jane, and Aunt Anna comfort her and the other while Ben is forced to stare out the window. It’s an intrinsic trait of Spider-Man to give up the thing you want for the sake of others. In this case, stay hidden to keep Peter Parker’s social life intact.

9 Take Peter’s place and be sensational

After Peter and MJ learned that MJ was pregnant, they decided to leave New York City and move to Portland to lead a calm and normal life. Peter gave his blessing and asked Ben to take Spider-Man’s mantle in his absence. Though reluctant at first, Ben eventually let go of his Scarlet Spider misfires, created his own Spidey costume, and became the sensational Spider-Man.

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Few have the skills, sense of power, or responsibility to replace Peter Parker. But since Ben is his clone and blessed with all of Peter’s memories, going through those trials and lessons in his own way made him perfectly fit to become the new Spider-Man.

8 Defend against classic villains

Scarlet Spider vs. Venom

In Peter’s absence, Ben was given the role of Spider-Man. Guarding him was his own challenge, however, especially when New York City is teeming with dangerous costumed criminals. During his tenure as the one and only Spider-Man, Ben Reilly has faced classic foes like Mysterio and Sandman.

The toughest challenge came when Ben faced off against Venom in an epic match that lasted for several issues. While most people didn’t realize this was a new person behind the mask, those who did find him, like Human Torch, Daredevil, and even Venom, accepted Ben into the role. This further completes his list of credentials to honor Spider-Man.

7 Use responsibility, not power, to win

Kaine Parker from the saga of the clones

Spider-Man may have incredible physical gifts and he may be tech savvy when it comes to creating web shooters and other cutting edge gear, but Spider-Man’s greatest strength is has always been Peter Parker.

Peter has saved many lives, including heroes and villains, with his sense of morality and responsibility rather than power – often imparting this wisdom to his enemies when they needed it most. Fortunately, Ben shares Peter’s memories and his moral codes. After a brutal battle with another Spidey clone, Kaine, Ben convinces him to give up his rage and revenge and surrender.

6 Separate from the carnage symbiote


No one can fully blame Peter for unknowingly bringing a symbiote back to Earth after the Secret wars. The black suit looked so costs. However, once Peter learned the true nature of the costume, he was able to overcome his mental hold and part with it with a little help.

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Ben Reilly faced a similar, if not more intimidating, challenge when he was forcibly linked to the Carnage symbiote and became the infamous Spider-Carnage. Ben also fought for freedom and even risked his own life by exposing himself – and the symbiotes – to dangerous levels of radiation to keep them apart from each other.

5 Make the ultimate sacrifice

Ben Reilly dies in Spider-Man comics

Spider-Man is a hero willing to risk anything to save those he loves. Peter Parker has proven it time and time again by choosing to sacrifice himself if it means others can live. Fortunately (or unfortunately), Ben Reilly is Peter Parker in the best possible way.

In Spider Man # 75, Peter and Ben team up to fight Norman Osborn who returns as the Green Goblin, seeking revenge. The battle is brutal, everyone gives everything. As the Goblin glider races towards Peter, Ben jumps in front of him and gets impaled, saving Peter’s life. In the end, Ben’s body dissolves and proves he was the clone.

4 “Ben Reilly is a hero. And heroes always win”

Ben Reilly sacrifices himself in Spider-Verse

Spider-Men and Women (and Hams) from alternate worlds united in Spider-Verse. Readers saw just about every variation of Peter Parker in the epic crossover event, including an alternate version of Ben Reilly who remained Spider-Man in his world.

The tie-in mini-series, titled Scarlet spiders, saw Kaine, Jessica Drew and this new Ben Reilly target the heir cloning facility. In order to prevent the creation of other clones, Ben sacrificed himself to destroy the facility, thus ending the immortality of the heirs. It was a particularly heartbreaking scene after Ben’s many references to him that always came out on top.

3 Taking the “No One Dies” vow to a whole new level


After the death of Marla Jameson, Peter made a new wish: “No one dies.” This seemingly impossible task represented Peter’s strong will and determination never to give up. In the epic comic event Cloning plot, Ben Reilly returned as a new jackal, with a twisted mind thanks to numerous deaths and resurrections.

Ben made a wish: no one stays dead. Having perfected cloning technology, Ben attempts to revive everyone who died during Spider-Man’s career: hero or villain. While not exactly “Spider-Man-like,” Ben’s determination to right the wrongs in his and Peter’s past is a courageous goal but executed in all the wrong ways.

2 Sacrifice yourself to stop the heirs … again

Scarlet Spider in Spider-Geddon

As the heirs returned in Spider-Geddon as well as a group of Spider-People jumping into the universe to stop them. Led by Miles Morales and a new superior Spider-Man, the Spiders have looked for ways to stop the Heirs for a second time.

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Working closely with Otto, Ben Reilly, having resurfaced after his stint as the new jackal, devised a plan in which Ben sacrificed himself again. Peter Parker has risked his life on countless occasions, but Ben has sacrificed his life time and time again. Thanks to Otto, Ben was resurrected once again, now with a clearer mind that brought him back to “hero” status.

1 Replace Peter Parker once again in “Beyond”

After Nick Spencer’s run on The Incredible Spider-Man, the book entered a phase called Beyond in which Ben Reilly returns as Spider-Man. Thanks to Beyond Corporation, Ben is equipped with an all-new costume, capable of repelling webs and even withstanding nuclear exposure.

The latter function is important given that Ben’s new suit protected him from a nuclear blast, while Peter – wearing the old red and blue – was sprayed with dangerous levels of radiation. While nothing beats the classic costume, these old Parker Industries upgrades could have come in handy here. With Peter sidelined, Ben returns as the one and only Amazing Spider-Man.

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