What students learned over a year from a more diverse curriculum in Manchester schools


The regime’s first anniversary sparked calls for further reform.

A year ago a Manchester MP supported a more diverse program for local schools

A project to diversify the Manchester schools curriculum marks its first anniversary.

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One in three schools in their constituency adopted the charter and started making changes to student learning.

And the first year since the charter was implemented has sparked calls for its adoption and further reform of what is taught in classrooms.

What is the Curriculum Diversity Charter?

Written in collaboration with The Black Curriculum, the Diverse Curriculum Charter has been presented to primary, secondary and secondary schools in Manchester Gorton.

Enrolling in would mean that schools provide a more diverse learning experience for students with an emphasis on anti-racism.

A third of Manchester Gorton schools have signed the Charter and in the new year it will be rolled out across Manchester for all schools to sign.

The Black Curriculum is a social enterprise founded in 2019 by young people to address the lack of teaching black British history in the classroom.

It offers teacher training, help with adopting black history into the curriculum, workshops on topics such as politics and the legal system, land and environment, history art and migration and assemblies aimed at improving social cohesion.

How is the anniversary going?

Mr Khan marked a year since the charter was launched by calling on the government to make a meaningful commitment to reforming national curricula to give every child the chance to experience the various stories and contributions that have shaped the Great Modern Brittany.

He said the minister should consider following the lead of the Welsh government, where a newly reformed program is introduced in 2022.

These reforms include ensuring that all areas of learning reflect the diverse experiences and contributions of Black, Asian and minority communities and individuals in Wales past and present, as well as mandatory anti-racism and anti-racism training. diversity for all trainee and temporary teachers.

Mr. Khan said: “I am extremely proud of the positive reception the Diverse Curriculum Charter has received in its first year.

Member of Parliament for Afzal Khan. Official portrait of the British Parliament

Manchester Gorton Schools have already embarked on a fantastic job of integrating diversity and anti-racism into their courses, but this initiative has spurred an even more in-depth review of the curriculum and sparked a renewed commitment to a positive change.

“At a time when calls for greater diversity in education have never been stronger, the government continues to shut its ears.

“It is time they followed the fantastic example set by the Labor Government in Wales and implemented National Curriculum Reform.

“Until that happens, here in Manchester we will continue to do things differently to ensure our young people receive a diverse education that truly reflects modern British society.”

What happens when a school adopts the charter?

William Hulme’s Grammar School (WHGS) said how it marked Black History Month this year was influenced by its signing of the charter.

There was a student-led assembly on black history and heritage, and the learning resource center had exhibits celebrating black authors.

In history, subjects such as the Ghanaian Empire and the Mangrove Nine (whose history was the subject of a Steve McQueen film) were included in the program.

The owners of Mangrove Restaurant in 1970. Photo: Keystone / Hulton Archives / Getty Images

In geography, students learned about Haiti and its revolution that freed the island from slavery, while the faith of black religious leaders was studied in RE and the modern languages ​​department looked at the Afro poet. -German May Ayim.

The achievements of various mathematicians and scientists are also highlighted and celebrated for the students.

Peter Mulholland, Director of WHGS, said: “At WHGS, we adopted the Diverse Curriculum Charter because it fit perfectly with our ambition to deliver a program that celebrates all groups and faithfully reflects our school community.

“We want all of our children to feel included and valued as individuals with their own history and their own heritage. “

What else was said about the charter?

Councilor Garry Bridges, Executive Member for Children and Schools of Manchester City Council, said: ‘Manchester has always been proud to be at the forefront of the fight for equality, but we cannot allow us to be complacent. This fight for equality is more important than ever.

“The education that children receive in school shapes the way they see the world and their place in it.

“I am happy to support the Diversified Curriculum Charter as a necessary step to ensure that diverse backgrounds are properly represented and that our education engages with diverse experiences in our curriculum.

“Schools in our city have led the way in this agenda and I think they will find this charter a useful help when they look at their own resources and teaching.


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