“An Incredible Boy and a Remarkable Man” by Ronald Stepp is an inspiring story of overcoming incredible obstacles


MEADVILLE, Pennsylvania., 23 December 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – “An Amazing Boy and a Great Man”: A powerful reminder of the power of faith and the love of a family. “An amazing boy and a remarkable man” is the creation of the published author Ronald stepp, a loving husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather who served in the United States Army and devoted a career to the field of computer information systems development providing software and basics of data to geologists, geophysicists, drilling engineers and production engineers. Stepp completed seven semesters at Texas A&M towards a five-year double major in geological and petroleum engineering before joining the army. He then obtained a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Midwestern State University in 1966.

Stepp shares, “In an amazing boy and a remarkable man, author Ronald stepp tells for the first time the story of the life of his older brother, Shelby ray stepp. It begins with Shelby’s tragic physical condition at birth – he had no mouth, he had no hands, he had no feet, and his eyes were crossed.

“The reader will follow the immediate reaction of the doctor who gave birth and of her parents, in particular her mother, and their responses after a period of consultation and deliberation. Then the reader will follow chronologically the miraculous events that took place. who denied euthanasia, provided a pseudo-mouth for feeding but discovered a one-inch tongue, which prevented speech and eating disorders, equipped a godly mother to give continued loving care, and help from an extended family (as effective as a US Special Forces platoon).

“The reader of An Incredible Boy and a Remarkable Man will learn how God used the love and care of a mother to raise a child who at birth was more paralyzed than any newborn who has ever lived. into adulthood.In addition, the reader will be excited by what the “little boy who could” would achieve in the world of public school and the world of music with the brilliant teaching of a Christian teacher. special education.

“As an adult, Shelby’s speech impairment became his biggest handicap. It kept him from getting a well-paying job. But the reader will learn how a negative situation has become an important part of his life. inspiring.

“Just as everyone of all ages who knew Shelby was inspired by her life, the reader who reads An Amazing Boy and a Remarkable Man throughout will surely be inspired by how Shelby overcame obstacles. from early childhood to late adulthood with the grace of God. “

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Ronald Stepp’s This new book is a thoughtful and emotional examination of a life lived with significant physical disability.

Stepp provides readers with powerfully inspiring and thoughtful feedback on lessons learned, key memories, and a life filled with love and faith.

Consumers can purchase “An Amazing Boy and a Remarkable Man” in traditional brick and mortar bookstores, or online at Amazon.com, Apple iTunes Store, or Barnes and Noble.

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