Man-ape hybrids, sex freaks and COVID potato: the weirdest stories of 2021


By most metrics, 2021 was another bleak year for the world.

But all was not gloomy, with idiots and geniuses giving us reason to smile, laugh, and silently say “WTF” as we went through another 12 months of closings, rising house prices and falling prices. Daily talk radio hosts accounts.

Here are some of the weirder stories released by Newshub in 2021 – saving the best for last.

Viral humor

You’d think a pandemic wouldn’t be a place to find comedy, but the amount of idiocy featured in 2021 made it easier to capture Delta without a mask.

In January, doctors urged men not to inject COVID-19 vaccines into their penises. While clearly stupid, at least they were ready to get the vaccine – others making absurd claims like the vaccine will turn us into “human-viral chimeras” (debunked in an actual legitimate scientific study).

Misunderstandings and straightforward misinformation about vaccines were rife throughout 2021, with most of them just plain harmful. But in May, anti-vaccines began wearing masks to avoid catching the vaccine, which they said could be spread from person to person. A win is a win I guess?

However, it’s not just the morons who are making the headlines for their thoughts on COVID-19 – scientists have given us a lot to laugh about as well. In July, doctors reported accidentally curing two COVID-19 patients via fecal transplants.

In May, Japanese doctors wanted to see if there was another way to get oxygen to patients that didn’t involve the mouth or nose – you can guess which alternative orifice they tried.


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