The Unique Way Dr Dani McVety Finds Balance


Meet the incredible Dr Dani McVety, founder of Lap of Love

End-of-life care can be a sad topic for many, but Dr. Dani is not afraid of difficult conversations.

In fact, her mission is to provide palliative care to animals in need. As founder and CEO of Lap of Love Vet Hospice McVety lives by his vet’s oath to bring “the relief and prevention of pain and suffering” to all animals in his care. Whether it’s comforting a family facing a new terminal diagnosis and explaining their options, or offering gentle in-home euthanasia in the last moments, Dr. Dani McVety’s compassion runs deeper than most.

Lap of Love has worked with over 250,000 patients and is quickly filling a gaping hole that exists in the world of veterinary medicine.

Changing the Way Pet Owners Perceive Hospice Palliative Care, One Family at a Time

How do you choose this career path?

For Dr. McVety, palliative care was an early calling. Prior to attending University of Florida Veterinary School, she volunteered in the hospice field. From there, her love of animals and dedication to raising the bar for end-of-life care was a natural step. After earning his doctorate in veterinary medicine, Dr. McVety practiced emergency medicine in Tampa, Florida. for a period of time. It was here that she witnessed the unhappy suffering, physical discomfort, and emotional pain that families (and their four-legged companions) often experience in these final moments.

But that was about to change!

The name “Lap of Love” was inspired by an actual interaction of Dr. McVety. Just three months away from school, she was approached one night at the emergency vet clinic where she worked in 2009. A woman had brought her little elderly dog ​​to sleep. During the euthanasia procedure, the owner asked Dr McVety if she could please keep her dog on her lap. Realizing that this simple act would be heartwarming for both the patient and the pet owner, she of course agreed.

Then, slowly and one family at a time, the demand for home euthanasia services increased. The phone began to ring. Emails flooded his inbox. Dr. McVety recognized how much compassionate end-of-life care is essential for the companion animal community. A year later, in 2010, she recruited a fellow veterinarian, Dr. Mary Gardner to join her.

The rest, as they say, is history. The Tour d’Amour was born!

What makes Lap of Love so special?

“It is an honor and a privilege to ensure a peaceful death.”

These are the words Dr Dani McVety and his team of 200 national professionals adhere to. The decision to euthanize a pet is never easy. If you’ve ever endured the heartache of losing a pet, you are definitely okay with it. This is why Lap of Love prioritizes palliative care and euthanasia at home. Unlike veterinary clinics, the home is the most comfortable place for your cat or dog. It smells great, is calm, and best of all is where pets can be surrounded by their most loved person – you.

By addressing the 2 most common concerns: 1) pain and suffering 2) animal happiness, Dr. McVety ensures that pets have a good quality of life, right through to the end. Humans also benefit; owners can schedule consultation appointments to discuss options. There are even bereavement counseling services.

We are so grateful to the hospice vets – like the amazing Dr. McVety – who help us say ‘goodbye’ to our beloved pets, until we can meet them again.

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