Best Sci-Fi TV Shows of 2021

This year has seen the release of many long-awaited sci-fi TV series, but which of them are the best sci-fi TV series of 2021?

This year has seen a slew of science fiction shows released, with the best sci-fi TV of 2021 made up of both new and returning options to thrill genre fans. 2021 has been a busy year for sci-fi television, even by modern standards, with a large number of projects being delayed in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic and ultimately being released on a crowded schedule. . Long-awaited series like the anime Star wars spin off The bad lot and the MCU branch The Falcon and the Winter Soldier rocked their respective COVID-19 setbacks and made their critically acclaimed debut, with plenty of other 2021 sci-fi TV titles similarly proving to be worth the wait of audiences.


In addition to these well-established IPs receiving new canon series, 2021 has overseen a slew of sci-fi adaptations to come to the fore. by netflix The silent sea is a prime example here, with Choi Hang-Yong’s mysterious sci-fi drama, a direct continuation of his short film of the same name. 2021 was also a big year for translations of the novel on screen, with Isaac Asimov Foundation and Emily St. John Mandel’s Eleven station both receiving their adaptations via the original Apple TV + and HBO Max shows, respectively.

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While it can’t be said that there was a dearth of content for sci-fi fans in 2021, there are still several sci-fi TV titles that are simply a cut above the rest. While the best sci-fi TV of 2021 is mostly dominated by serious, expansive storytelling, shows like Syfy’s alien comedy Foreign resident also prove that there is still an appetite for the wackier side of science fiction. Here’s an exploration of the top five sci-fi TV shows of 2021, with each series ranked.

# 5 – Invasion

Featured Invasion

Apple TV + ‘s flagship sci-fi drama certainly continues to divide opinion, with some critics remaining unconvinced by InvasionIt’s the slow, methodical approach to an alien takeover of Earth. Apple TV + Invasion focuses on several disparate groups of civilians across the planet, who are forced to deal with the social and psychological fallout of the alien threat that befalls them. While this premise is by no means original, the true beauty of Invasion lies in the narrative approach of the series, with the Simon Kinberg show choosing to dispense with alien theater in favor of imbuing Invasion with an omnipresent sense of dread. Invasion, put simply, feels as close as it gets to how an alien attack on Earth would present itself to the masses, with the original Apple TV + capturing the likely confusion and lack of clarity the vast majority of Earth would experience in a similar situation. Easter eggs Invasion Perhaps something of an acquired taste, but it’s still a dazzling homage to classics of the sci-fi genre and a daring slice of original streaming content from 2021.

# 4 – Resident alien

It is perhaps not surprising that Syfy Foreign resident has become an instant cult classic given its core premise, which sees an alien sent to annihilate humanity struggling with its mission as it becomes more attached to the people around it. Alan Tudyk is an inspired choice as the titular, confrontational alien in the series, with his singular comedic skills very much at home with a glut of genuinely hilarious alien gags. Yet perhaps the best feather in Foreign residentThe considerable cap is that it dares to be light unlike the vast majority of the grainy, dystopian sci-fi offerings of 2021, with Foreign resident thus proving a breath of fresh air for the genre. Foreign residentUndoubtedly, s story hinges on the highest stake (Earth’s survival), but it’s the human notes struck as the eponymous resident alien tries to assimilate into society that makes the difference. from the Syfy series a staple of television.

# 3 – Arcane

Vi and Jinx kiss as they reunite in Arcane

by netflix Esoteric Quickly proves to be a groundbreaking series, not least because it serves to dispel the perception that animated video game adaptations often struggle to keep up in a modern television arena. Located in the League of Legends fictional universe, Esoteric follows sisters Vi (Hailee Steinfeld) and Jinx (Ella Purnell), who find themselves on opposite sides of a war over twisted ideologies and sought-after technologies as the utopian town of Piltover and the sordid city of Zaunalthough clash . The beauty of Esoteric, despite its video game origins, is that the Netflix series does not require any prior knowledge of League of Legends“The Champions story is to be enjoyed, with its compelling character stories eclipsing all the Easter Eggs from the original games. On top of that, EsotericThe animation of is simply breathtaking, with critics comparing the series favorably to other award-winning animated titles such as Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse and Invincible. A mix of fantasy, steampunk and sci-fi elements conspire to make Esoteric a unique spectacle that not only rivals the top echelons of other video game adaptations, but also some of the best that sci-fi television has to offer.

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# 2 – Foundation

The vault in the foundation show

While 2021 saw Denis Villeneuve Dune distinguished adaptation for wholesale praise for the breathtaking translation of its source material, Apple TV + Foundation arguably presented an even more refined novel adaptation on a larger scope. Based on Isaac Asimov’s seminal book of the same name, Foundation tells the millennial saga of its titular group, a band of exiles who discover that the only way to save the Galactic Empire from destruction is to speak out against it. Foundation masterfully tackles many complex and disparate themes, weaving allegorical examples of witch hunts and contemporary fears of cloning in its first ten episodes. As with many examples on this list, Foundation is also breathtaking, with Asimov’s world masterfully staged by creators David S. Goyer and Josh Friedman as the series recalls the golden age of science fiction in which every frame is a spectacle. galactic similar to the original Star wars trilogy.

# 1 – Loki

Tom Hiddleston as Loki in Season 1

The best sci-fi TV series of 2021 is the one a few saw coming, with the MCU spin-off Loki steeped in time travel, alternate realities and a dystopia, Clockwork Orange-a style institution that makes the Disney + series a love letter to the sci-fi genre itself. Audiences hoping for an MCU-style streak in numbers were quickly dissolved from this notion, with LokiThe plot twists from the familiar power of the Tesseract to a time-consuming crime thriller centered on Tom Hiddleston’s inexorably charming portrayal of a Norse demigod. Loki is such a departure from its Marvel source material that it feels daring by its very existence, while the introduction of actors who were not previously related to Marvel, such as Owen Wilson’s Agent Mobius , plays more in the sense that Loki is truly the anti-hero of his own Marvel universe. In this way, the best sci-fi TV entry of 2021 is a series worthy of being a stand-alone entity despite the familiar MCU presence towering above it, confirming that Loki is an essential and unique proposition within the science fiction kind to date.

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