Unable to get job due to her sexuality, transgender teacher in Kerala requests euthanasia

A double-graduated transgender woman from Kerala has approached the Legal Services Authority to seek the help of a lawyer to request euthanasia from the High Court, as she is not allowed to work in a respectable job, due to his sexuality.

Aneera Kabeer, from Ottappalam in the Palakkadu district, claims to have a master’s degree in sociology and political science and a master’s degree in education. Aneera also qualified for the State Eligibility Test (SET) for upper secondary teachers, but she could not find a job.


According to her, despite her qualification, she was turned away from more than ten interviews after revealing her sexual identity.

Aneera said that in November she got a temporary job as a junior sociology teacher at a public school in Palakkad.

Faced with regular harassment

Again, Aneera says she was harassed by some of her co-workers and told not to come to school after January 6.

After approaching the Legal Services Authority to ask for help with euthanasia, Kerala Education Minister V Sivankutty contacted Aneera on Wednesday and offered all government assistance.

Aneera Kabeer
Aneera Kabeer meets with Kerala Education Minister V Sivankutty

Aneera told the minister she was the sole breadwinner and recently lost her brother in an accident.

Following this, the minister asked the responsible official to ensure that Aneera is reinstated in the same school.

The school informed Aneera on Wednesday that it could return to work from January 15.

What the transgender policy says

Aneera had to go through this despite the fact that Kerala was the first Indian state to have a transgender policy to end discrimination and promote the social inclusion of transgender people.

PIL for transgender people

The policy covered all categories of transgender and intersex people. It also emphasizes the rights of the minority group to identify as male, female or transgender, as outlined in the Supreme Court ruling.

In 2018, Kerala announced financial assistance of Rs 2 lakh for transgender people for sex reassignment surgery.

As of December 2020, the Department of Social Justice had set aside Rs 6 lakh for the granting of scholarships to transgender students in class 7 in postgraduate and professional courses studying in state government, institutions of ‘subsidized and self-funded education.


In 2021, the government of Kerala decided to include “Transgender” as a gender option in all its nomination forms as well as on the electoral rolls.

Last week, the Kerala government also recommended the integration of transgender people into the state police.

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